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OMV Group Foundation

To support OMV’s business strategy and evolve our culture, we clearly articulated our OMV Foundation, which answers the questions: Why does OMV exist? What are we doing? How are we getting there?

Our Purpose: The energy for a better life

Energy is part of our lives: conventional and alternative fuels enable mobility.
Natural gas heats homes. Petrochemical products form the basis for plastics we use everywhere – from everyday products to high-tech applications.
Behind all of these products is the energy of OMV: an energy bringing more convenience and more comfort to life. Along the entire value chain, OMV contributes expertise, technological know-how and innovation to improving people’s quality of life. Safe. Secure. Responsible. And Profitable.
Today and tomorrow.

Our Business Reason: OMV is producing and marketing oil and gas, innovative energy and high-end petrochemical solutions – in a responsible way.

Oil and gas has been – and will continue to be – the backbone of global energy supply. This is why OMV has been investing in modern technologies for more plant efficiency, process sustainability and product value. OMV’s innovative capacity and technological expertise safeguard energy for a better life.

Our Principles: Team Spirit, Accountability, Passion, Pioneering Spirit and Performance - describe what we can expect from each other and how we want to work together.

Principles Foundation EN

This is how OMV colleagues approach their work:

Ticu Foundation EN
DragoČ™ Ticu - General Manager Aviation (OMV Petrom)
The Romanian aviation industry excels in terms of safety and reliability. DragoČ™ Ticu and his Aviation Team contribute to this top rating by closing contracts and ensuring timely provision of high-quality fuels. They really help giving wings to travelers at Otopeni Airport in Bucharest.
Mihaiu Foundation EN
Alina Mihaiu- Team Leader Technical Development Petrobrazi Refinery (OMV Petrom)
Her passion for technical innovation is written all over Alina Mihaiu's face: this is why no one was particularly surprised when she put forward the idea of building a new Polyfuels unit at the Petrobrazi Refinery. Today, she is deeply involved in implementing the project. After all, what could be more exciting for a technical pioneer like her.
Ciucu Foundation EN
Simona Ciucu- Expert Risk Controlling (OMV Petrom)
Back to the beginning: Simona Ciucu studied business administration in the lecture hall that OMV Petrom has recentrly helped renovate. Today, she analyzes the financial impact of our initiatives, accounting for the fact that all numbers will eventually add up, her aim being to mitigate the risks and to assure that uncertainty does not deflect the endeavor from the business goal.
Titus Olteanu Foundation EN
Titus Olteanu - Senior Department Manager Wholesale Romania (OMV Petrom)
In touch with customers and suppliers: At the Petrobrazi Refinery fuel terminal, Titus Olteanu reviews the develiveries of fuels to wholesale clients. A reality check that drives his sales instinct and makes him even more motivated for his job.
Asset 2 Foundation EN
Asset II Oltenia - Domestic assets
Expertise, responsibility, tolerance and organizational talents. The OMV Petrom team from Asset ii Oltenia gets it all right, whether its members collecting and wrapping books to be donated to local school libraries, or striving to deliver on our business goals.