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Imprint, Legal Notice, Data Protection and Disclosure

In the interest of a reader-friendly flow of text, gender-neutral terminology has been used throughout our Websites: designation such as “employee” or “partner” are not gender specifics.

Disclosure and Information pursuant to Law nr. 365/2002 regarding E-Commerce
Owner, publisher and producer: OMV Petrom SA

Main office: Petrom City, Coralilor Street, nr. 22, sector 1, postal code 013329, Telephone: +4 021 40 22201
Fiscal Code: R 159 0082
Trade Register Number: J40/8302/1997
Share capital: 5.664.410.833,50 RON
Company managed in a dualist system

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The term OMV Petrom includes OMV Petrom SA as well as all companies or entities of which OMV Petrom holds, directly or indirectly, at least 50 %. If any of the following relates only to certain companies or entities, such companies or entities will be named.

The following does not apply if and to the extent contra-dictionary to mandatory law.

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