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Crowdsourcing - we're listening, you just have to dare!

Crowdsourcing is a tool for academics and businesses that allows to harness the wisdom of crowds and provide recommendations and insight into complex situations. This method is used for innovation and can generate many new ideas relying on the input of diverse groups of thinkers.  

Scope & Topic


Our aim is to offer students and young graduates the opportunity to speak their mind, share their thoughts, learn new things and experience diverse challenges.  

Unboxing employee experience. What are the hopes and job expectations of the new generation? 

This topic was designed following the main phases of the employment process. Companies that invest in their employee experience are better places to work for, more in-demand among applicants and more innovative. As the employee experience is an increasingly popular topic, we are curious to find out about the dreams, hopes and needs of the young generation regarding future job and work experiences.  


In order to properly work together and generate great new ideas, we`ve created a collaborative, but also competitive environment where you will: 

  • Be guided by 4 mentors (one for each team) 
  • Communicate through 1 communication platform (MS Teams) 
  • Complete 3 main missions (providing a strategic and practical approach) 
  • Compete with 3 other teams and win special prizes 

Evaluation criteria & awards 

Like all competitions, the participants will be able to have fun and be creative while enjoying the exciting evaluation process. After completing all the assigned missions, they will present their assignments to the five members of the jury that will evaluate their work based on: 

  • Originality and creativity  
  • Logic  
  • Quality of presentation  
  • Quality of deliverables  
  • Content relevance for an employer branding strategy  
  • Accurate and well documented arguments 
  • Teamwork  

In order to recognize their effort and implication, we`ve also prepared for the participants a series of awards to fit the challenge. 

Every participant will receive: 

  • Recommendation letter from Mentor/Facilitator (can be stated in their CVs) 
  • One-2-one session with an OMV Petrom recruiter for CV elaboration 
  • Rucksacks and headphones 

The winners will receive all the above + 

  • Notebooks 

Application Process

1. Selection criteria 

  • Are you a student (master/bachelor) or a young graduate? * 
  • Your English knowledge is at least at an intermediate level? 
  • Are you curious, motivated and ready to be part of a mixt team? 

The applicants that attend/have attended technical faculties have priority in the selection process. Please note that non-technical profiles are welcome and will be considered  

2. First phase | Application form 

Please register here until October 21

3. Second phase | Short phone discussion/Short survey (if the case)  

Please note that only the applicants that have passed the first phase will be contacted for the second one.  

Time frame  

  • Registration period: October 8 – 21  
  • Selection period: October 21 – 25  
  • Competition start: October 26 
  • Project presentation & winners' selection: November 17  

We`re listening, you just have to dare! 

Accept the crowdsourcing challenge, as we`re here and we`re listening, you just have to dare to: 

  • Share your thoughts 
  • Explore the employee experience 
  • Generate new ideas 
  • Compete while collaborating 
  • Challenge yourself and the employers  
  • Gain relevant experience & useful prizes