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Our 5 reasons to join OMV Group

With Our Purpose “We are the energy - for a better life” (the “Why”), we strive to contribute to making people’s lives better. As a major European employer with a strong growth focus, powered by our people, we translate energy into quality of life, and focus on creating an environment where people can develop professionally and fulfill their personal aspirations in line with our business needs.

1. Join our international growth journey
Our vision is to get bigger and better. Our OMV Group Strategy 2025 sets the pillars for our growth, both in scale and in our international expansion.  Building on our strong international footprint, we focus on further growth in Australasia, Russia, Middle East & Africa and the Black Sea region.
This, in turn, means that for you as an OMV Group employee there are opportunities across the energy life cycle, from Upstream, Downstream, to Corporate Functions as well as through international assignments to our locations worldwide.
Find out more about our 2025 strategy and growth journey.
2. Be at the forefront of technology 
We focus on technology across the energy value chain, to ensure our technological expertise safeguards and serves our purpose - energy for a better life. We invest in modern technologies to increase efficiency, process sustainability and product value.
As we are a market leader in enhanced recovery methods and due to our continuous investments in digitalization (like our 3D Visualization Center, Drilling Cockpit, “Dynamic Matrix Control” System or “eTop” - Electronic Turnaround Optimization), you will have the opportunity to be at the forefront of technology and drive innovative  development across the O&G value chain.
Discover more about our investment in technology and innovation.
3. Enjoy how we work together
What we do as a business and how we get there, is of equal importance to us and is key to our performance and success. Our values, the so called “OMV Group Principles” - Team Spirit, Accountability, Passion, Pioneering Spirit and Performance - describe what we can expect from each other and how we want to work together.
Get inspired by how we approach our work and what you can expect from your colleagues and leaders in  OMV Group.
4. Develop yourself and your career internationally within the OMV Group family
OMV Group is a place to learn, grow, connect and collaborate. Our company size enables us to offer exciting opportunities by providing personalized and tailored development. Developing our employees is key to our success. We encourage you to actively drive your own career and to shape your professional development. In return we help you navigate the OMV Group career paths and unlock your potential and pursue your career ambitions in line with  the OMV Group’s strategy.
Our employees are engaged and proud to work   in OMV Group, which is reflected in our ranking amongst the world´s best employers in 2017.
Learn more about our commitment to development.
5. Be part of a diverse team
We strive to continuously develop new initiatives and measures that promote diversity and equal opportunities  in OMV Group.
We believe that by strengthening our teams with more diversity in skills, experiences, perspectives and ideas, we will build a more resilient and competitive business. That is why we see diversity as a key competitive advantage for  OMV Group.
This approach is also reflected in our commitment to Sustainability. We strive to create long-term value and conduct our business in a responsible way. We respect the environment and contribute to the communities in the locations where we operate
Check more on our diversity commitment.