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Awards and recognition

The programs of community involvement developed by OMV Petrom have been recognized not only by the direct beneficiaries and the involved parts, but also from the perspective of the generated impact, of the strategy and communication, on a national as well as international level. All these are motivating us to continue to be increasingly better.


Business Review Awards - Vocational Summer Camp project as Best Community Development Initiative.

CSR Awards:

  • 10 years of CSR for OMV Petrom - Award for Excellence
  • 1st place for Vocational Summer Camp project in Education category


Romanian PR Awards - Gold with Vocational Romania project for categories:

  • Social responsibility and stakeholder dialogue
  • Public Affairs, Advocacy, Lobby

Energynomics - Winner of Best corporate citizen category with Vocational Romania project


Sabre Awards, Gold Sabre Award in the "Balkans" category for "Vocational Romania" project. 

Romanian CSR Awards:

  • Third place in "Internal CSR campaigns" category for "OMV Petrom employees – volunteering champions" project
  • First place, in "Education" category for "Vocational Romania" project

"Excellence in Management  Gala", Capital,  Mona Nicolici nominated for "The best CSR manager"

Most Admired Business women Awards and Gala, Mona Nicolici winner in the category "Most Ardent Business Sustainability Advocate"

Wall-Street Gala-People and businesses that change Romania – "Investment in Romania’s future" for OMV Petrom’s sustainability programs

Architecture Conference & Expo – Mention for the "Community Resource Center (CERC) Boldești-Scăeni", in the "Projects for community" category

Romanian Building Awards – 1st place for the "Community Resource Center (CERC) Boldești-Scăeni"


Romanian PR Award:

  • PR Innovator of the year, for “Vocational Romania” project.
  • Golden Award for Excellence, “Social responsibility and dialogue with the co-interested stakeholders” category, for “Vocational Romania” project. 
  • Golden Award for Excellence, “ Communication for the public domain” category, for “ Vocational Romania” project. 
  • Silver Award for Excellence, “ Communication for crises, risks and opportunities category” for “Vocational Romania” project.

Capital Awards Gala (RO), “The most relevant campaign of social responsibility” category, for “ Made in Andrei's Country” project. 


Golden World Awards (UK) – Golden Award for the program "Made in Andrei’s Country", in the Community Relations category

OMV Diamond Award – Diamond Award for the program "Made in Andrei’s Country", in the Resourcefulness (OMV Group Sustainability Strategy) category

Effie Awards (RO) – Silver Award for the program "Made in Andrei’s Country", in the Good Works Effie-Brands (CSR) category

Emea Sabre Awards (EU) – Honorable mention for the program "Made in Andrei’s Country", in the Issues Management category

European Excellence Awards (EU) – 1st place for the OMV Petrom Community Involvement report 2012, in the CSR Report category

PR Daily’s CSR Awards (USA)

  • 1st place for OMV Petrom Volunteering Championship, in the Best Employee Volunteer Program category
  • Honorable mention for "Andrei’s School" and "Andrei’s Country Summer Camp", in the Community Affairs category

PR News CSR Awards (USA) – Honorable mention for Andrei’s Country platform, in the Stakeholder Engagement category

Romanian PR Awards (RO) – Silver Award for "It can be done!" campaign, in the Internal Communication category


European Digital Communication Awards (Berlin) - "Best online community" in Europe for Andrei’s Country platform


  • Golden Trophy for Andrei’s Country platform in the "Websites, micro sites and blogs promoting brands" category
  • First place in the sub-category "Social campaigns, political and awareness messages"

Cariere Gala (organized by Cariere Magazine)

  • General Management Award for Mariana Gheorghe (CEO OMV Petrom), because of her courage and consistency with which she lead OMV Petrom Romania on the road to success
  • Social Responsibility Award for Andrei’s Country, for supporting those who can, want and know how to inspire those who are near them, those who want to build their own future and create a better country, every day

People for the people Gala, 10th edition – Excellence diploma for OMV Petrom, for publicly assuming its social responsibility commitments and transparency in reporting the company’s performances

Romanian PR Award - Silver Award for Excellence for the program "Made in Andrei’s Country", in the "Social responsibility and stakeholder dialogue" category

Romanian CSR Awards - Second place for the project "OMV Petrom Olympics", in the "Employee Support" category

Habitat for Humanity - Excellence award for OMV Petrom, for the long term vision of the company and its great impact on vulnerable communities in Romania

DEMOS T.N International Excellence Awards Gala - Award for Andrei’s Country in the "NGOs" category

Cult Market Research (study conducted on a sample of national and local NGOs, representative for the Romanian civil society

  • OMV Petrom – the most involved company in supporting civil society
  • Andrei’s Country – the campaign for supporting civil society with the greatest impact

Exact Research and Consultancy (2014) & ISRA/Integral (2013) (representative study on general population and opinion leaders) - OMV Petrom recognized as the most involved company in the development of Romanian society (social and environmental projects)


Effie Awards - Silver Award for the campaign "Doctor, you’re a hero!", in the Corporate Reputation, Image and Identity category

PR Awards - Silver Award for "Andrei’s School", in the "CSR and communication with co-interested groups" category

People for the people Gala

  • Best CSR strategy award
  • The most involved CEO award for supporting community involvement initiatives

IAA Excellence Awards - Excellence in CSR award for Mona Nicolici (Manager of Sustainability Department), awarded by the International Advertising Association (IAA)

CSR Romanian Awards - First Place for the campaign "Volunteering Championship 2012", in the "Internal CSR Campaigns" category, for companies with over 500 employees

Sabre Awards – Nomination for the campaign "Doctor, you’re a hero!", in the "Community Relations" category

European Excellence Awards:

  • Nomination for the campaign "Doctor, you’re a hero", in the "Issues and Reputation" category
  • Nomination for "Andrei’s Country Plantings", in the CSR "Community Green Shields" category

Biz Magazine (perception study about companies’ social responsibility involvement) - OMV Petrom recognized as "The greenest company in Romania" (online community study) - OMV Petrom recognized as one of the most responsible companies in Romania, within the Social Responsibility Balance 2012


PR Award (competition organized by the NGO Forum for International Communications which recognizes the excellence in the field of business communication from Romania): 

  • "Campaign 2%" - Silver for "Internal Communication"
  • "Access to life" - Silver for "Social responsibility and dialogue with the co-interested groups"

The Award of Excellence for the School of Andrew within the Gala of Educational Awards (organized by the Foundation "Dinu Patriciu"). The award was given for "the contribution at developing the Romanian educational system". The Gala of the Educational Awards is organized annually by the Foundation Dinu Patriciu and rewards the examples of good practice from the field of education.


The Distinction "Ruban d’Honneur" (Top 10 companies from the European Union) at the category "Award for Corporative Sustainability", within the competition European Business Awards

The Trophy "Ten for Romania", initiated by Realitatea TV, for "Projects for the community benefit"

The awards for "Sustainable business practices" at the Annual Gala Business Review

The award of Forbes Magazine "Petrom, the campaign that invests the most in CSR", at Top Philanthropists

The best program of social responsibility – "The School of Andrew" within Debizz Business gala – monthly magazine for the business community of German language from Romania

At the category "Stakeholder Engagement" within CSR awards 2010 for the project CERC (Center of Resources of the Community)


The Award of Excellence for Petrom platform: respect for the future offered by the International Association of Advertising (IAA)

The special award for Coherence in the Strategy of Involvement in Community within the Gala People for People, organized by the American Chamber of Commerce from Romania and the Association for Community Relations

The best CSR project awarded by the Donors Forum from Romania 

Top Corporate Awards – the award for the Romanian campaign with the biggest investment in programs of social responsibility given by the Donors Forum from Romania and Forbes Magazine

The award Need for Green for the program Parks of the Future given by the Gala of Financial Market Magazine

The CSR award for the program the Camp from the Country of Andrew for the most efficient CSR project dedicated to the environment protection, offered within the Gala of the Magazine Info Environment Europe (reporter MediaGrup in partnership with the National Environment Agency)

Nomination for the European Excellence Award at the category Ecology and Environment with the project the School of Andrew.


"Silver Award" - Responsibility Award Festival, Washington, 41 st., IAA Congress – TV Spot

"Silver Award for Excellence" - Romanian PR Awards – internal communication campaign – "What’s the best in us"

First Prize at "Top Corporate Awards 2008" for the biggest investment in projects of social responsibility 

"The Award of Excellence" offered to the CSR platform Petrom "Respect for the Future" by International Advertising Association

"Special award for coherence in the strategy of involvement in community" offered by the Association for Community Relations within the People for People Gala

"Community Leadership Award" given by Bucharest Business Week at the category Employment for the development of CSR department


"Golden Award for Excellence" - Romanian PR Award - "Parks of the Future"

The best community program - "People for People Gala" - "Parks of the Future"

"The Award Top Corporate Award" 2007 for the biggest investments in social projects

Nomination in the top of the first 5 campaigns from the South-Eastern Europe for "Parks of the Future" – "European Excellence Awards Berlin"