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Electronic Signature in OMV Petrom Group

As of 2017, OMV Petrom started an extensive process of digitizing the interaction with its customers, suppliers and in general its partners. Thus, we offer the possibility to send documents exclusively in electronic format (and electronically signed if necessary, using either the simple electronic signature or the qualified electronic signature, depending on the conditions of the normative provisions applicable to each type of document).

  • Signing of contracts with simple electronic signature

Regarding the signing of contracts, annexes and/or addendums to contracts, we emphasize that we can continue to sign them with the simple electronic signature, through the DocuSign platform. More information, right here below.

  •  Signing of documents arising from the execution of the contract 

As of May 15, 2020, we accept these types of documents only in electronic format, with a qualified electronic signature. We refer here to the documents arising from the execution of the contract and which are regulated as financial-accounting and supporting documents, such as, but not limited to the relevant supporting documents certifying the reception of works/services.

  • Transmission of documents signed with electronic signature will be done by E-mail 

Since electronically signed documents are originals only in the electronic environment, it is necessary for all these electronic documents to be distributed exclusively in electronic format. 
We emphasize that you can send us the documents electronically signed, without any other formalities, via E-mail to the relevant persons.

  • Handwritten signature

If at anytime during our contractual relationship it will be necessary for practical reasons (either for us or for you) for certain documents to be signed by hand and delivered in original to the other party, we are open to address and solve such matters together.

  • Transmission of the invoice in electronic format

Regarding the invoices, in recent years we have encouraged the application of Law no. 227/2015 regarding the Fiscal Code, more precisely art. 319 - Invoicing, as well as the methodological rules for the application of that article, which defines the concept of 'electronic invoicing' and regulates its use.

Thus, both:

•  invoices issued, sent and received in electronic format (for example pdf format), as well as
•  invoices created on paper, which are scanned, sent and received in electronic format,

it qualifies as electronic invoices and is considered an original copy, as long as they contain all the mandatory elements that an invoice must normally include, according to art. 319, para. (20) of the Fiscal Code and the provisions of art. 319 of the Fiscal Code and the related methodological norms.

If you are not sending the invoice in electronic format, please sign and send the Agreement below (depending on the OMV Petrom Group company with which you have commercial relations) to the e-mail address

If you have any questions about how to interact in digital format, please contact us at e-mail

Conventie Bilingva_OMV_Petrom SA (DOCX, 107,8 KB)
Conventie Bilingva_OPM (DOCX, 107,5 KB)
Conventie Bilingva_OPGS (DOCX, 111,8 KB)
Conventie Bilingva_Petrom Aviation (DOCX, 107,1 KB)
Conventie Bilingva_Petromed (DOCX, 107,3 KB)

Soluţia noastră de semnături electronice facilitează semnarea contractelor în mod digital, simplu şi rapid. Cadrul juridic pentru semnăturile electronice a fost stabilit în Uniunea Europeană începând cu 1 iulie 2016.

Avantajele dumneavoastră:

  • Ușor de utilizat: fără cont de utilizator, parolă sau software suplimentar
  • Flexibil: acces prin intermediul oricărui dispozitiv conectat la internet
  • Rapid: reduce semnificativ timpul de semnare a contractului
  • Eficient: fără costuri de curierat și fără costuri de arhivare
  • Sigur: conform legislaţiei comerciale locale și Regulamentului (EU) nr. 910/2014
  • Prietenos cu mediul: elimină printarea documentelor

Pentru mai multe informații, puteți consulta documentul de mai jos. 

Semnătură electronică - DocuSign (PDF, 294,9 KB)