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Diversity among our workforce is not only a commitment but also an important part of OMV Group’s strategy. As part of the OMV Group values, we have defined diversity as one of the high-level objectives for the Group in the years to come.

Our commitment to providing equal opportunities to all employee groups in all recruitment processes, company procedures and employment contracts is contained in the corporate Antidiscrimination Directive. This principle applies throughout the entire employment period from hiring to termination. When a complaint is filed under the directive, we are committed to supporting the employee within legal boundaries.

OMV Petrom Diversity Strategy

OMV Petrom embedded a diversity strategy in our People Strategy, which is in line with the OMV Group Diversity Strategy, focusing on gender equality and internationality. Diversity is a powerful advantage that helps us creating diversity-based business value. That is why we have established one important measurable target-gender equality within our Sustainability Strategy 2019 – 2025. 

Diversity is a powerful advantage that helps us creating diversity-based business value. We focus on attracting and retaining both men and women into the energy industry and to OMV Petrom. We strive for diverse teams and specifically, at management level, we aim to increase our female representation in Senior Leadership roles to 30% by 2025 and keep a high share of our managers in Senior Leadership role with international experience. We support this through a number of initiatives such as: succession planning; learning materials and training addressing topics like unconscious bias; mentoring, a developmental partnership through which partners share perspectives as they foster personal and professional growth.

With regards to the mix of nationalities in Petrom, there are currently 95.5% Romanian employees. Also, diversity focus is one of the key pillars of our People Strategy defined under the Leadership strategic priority as “Inspiring leaders – building high performing diverse teams.” Moreover, in our company are currently working together four generations of people with different nationalities: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z.
We consider this a wealth of diversity and experience we may rely on and, at the same time, we have to nurture it through continuously aligning the organization on purpose, embracing flexibility and promoting diversity intelligence.

OMV Petrom Diversity & Inclusion initiatives

Under the Diversity & Inclusion umbrella, we have started a series of initiatives directed at celebrating Diversity of Thought and Experience and Promoting Work Life Balance and an Inclusive Culture. These are directed at building a collection of Diversity & Inclusion tips, tools and resources to help our employees learn more on the subject and make inclusion easily approachable within OMV Petrom teams, as a peer or manager, or even at home, as a parent or spouse. Some of these initiatives are the following:

•    Diversity Insights – a series of blog articles aiming at raising awareness on Diversity & Inclusion themes
•    Kids’ Corner – an initiative aiming at supporting work-life balance & parenthood, by providing tips, tools, talk and encouragement in the parents’ journeys to raising kids or dealing with specific challenges along the way.