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Diversity among our workforce is not only a commitment but also an important part of OMV Group’s strategy. As part of the OMV Group values, we have defined diversity as one of the high-level objectives for the Group in the years to come.

Our commitment to providing equal opportunities to all employee groups in all recruitment processes, company procedures and employment contracts is contained in the corporate Antidiscrimination Directive. This principle applies throughout the entire employment period from hiring to termination. When a complaint is filed under the directive, we are committed to supporting the employee within legal boundaries.

Diversity Strategy
In order to safeguard our future agility as an organization, we are currently working on a Group-wide diversity strategy, which is being implemented on an ongoing basis. It covers two major areas: nationality and gender diversity. Efforts are being directed at the highest possible management level as all other levels will automatically follow suit. Our target is to achieve a diversity mix at the Senior Vice President level of 18% women and 38% internationals by 2015, and 30% women and 50% internationals by 2020 at Group level. As a vital intermediate step towards achieving our diversity targets, we aim to have 30% females in all management development programs.

Organizational diversity in OMV Petrom
In OMV Petrom, the Department of Human Resources has introduced, at the level of the System of Performance Development, clear objectives related to Diversity. At the same time, the company has accomplished, in 2011, a study on the current state of the gender diversity, the state of professional development of women and career promotion.