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Employee Engagement

In OMV Petrom, we support and cherish the involvement of our employees

In OMV Petrom, we support and cherish the involvement of our employees

We are proud that every year they get involved in community projects and help where they sense that their efforts can make a difference. One of the central projects of OMV Petrom’s sustainability strategy is volunteering.

Because we recognize the importance of involving as many people and their ideas in solving community problems, employees have the possibility to actively take part by volunteering in various projects: those developed within the Volunteering Championship, the Volunteer of the Year competition, the 2% redirection Campaign as well as within the You can be Santa Clause initiative!

Volunteering in OMV Petrom

Since 2007, volunteering was an important part of the programs of involvement in the community of OMV Petrom. By the projects specially dedicated to volunteering, the company encourages the social involvement of the employees, puts at their disposal the necessary means to dedicate to the causes they believe in and offers them the possibility to contribute to the development of a responsible society.

  • Over 55,000 volunteers involved in OMV Petrom’s projects, out of which 14.450 employees of the company
  • 98 projects and over 2.300 employees of OMV Petrom were volunteers within the program the Championship of Volunteering
  • Over 5,700 children received Christmas presents on the part of 3,500 employees of OMV Petrom
  • Over 12,000 forms of redirection of the tax on income collected by OMV Petrom’s employees in the Campaign 2%


The Championship of Volunteering

Since 2011, OMV Petrom has been organizing The Championship of Volunteering, a project by which it brings closer its employees to the causes that they can support by volunteering. In the first 3 years from its launch, the employees that were interested could subscribe to the volunteering activities put at their disposal, but step by step, they even started to come with proposals of projects and look for support to make them a reality.

Thus, starting from 2014, the Championship of Volunteering was transformed in a competition of projects, that gave the employees the power to solve punctual needs identified by them in the communities they live in. Any employee of OMV Petrom has now the possibility to suggest a project in collaboration with a non-governmental organization or with an public institution and to offer their colleagues from the company the possibility to join the cause as volunteers. The projects of the employees are voted by their colleagues and assessed by experts in volunteering and community development, and are then financed by OMV Petrom to be implemented.

  • 98 projects of volunteering carried out
  • Over 2,300 employees of  OMV Petrom as volunteers
  • ~ 500 volunteers from community


The Volunteers of the Year

In order to learn the lesson of civic involvement from the best of us, at the end of every year, starting from 2008, we acknowledge the merits of the most dedicated volunteers from OMV Petrom’s employees through the competition "The Volunteers of the Year". The competition is opened to all the employees who chose to dedicate a part of their time to support a cause and who involve themselves constantly in volunteering actions along the year, individually or with the team.

Be Santa Claus yourself

Since 2008, on the occasion of every Christmas, hundreds of children from underprivileged families from all the corners or the country write us letters with their wishes. The letters get to OMV Petrom’s employees, who transform in Santa Claus’s elves and buy presents according to the wishes of the children. Toys, school supplies, clothes, footgear, atlases or even health can be found on their lists.

  • Over 5,700 children from underprivileged families received presents at Christmas
  • Over 3,500 employees of OMV Petrom bought presents for children


The campaign 2%

Starting from 2008, OMV Petrom carries out annually an information campaign among the employees related to the 2% provision. The 2% provision of the Tax Code is a mechanism that allows every taxpayer natural person to redirect up to 2% of the income tax to a non-governmental organization (NGO) - association, foundation etc. – or a cult unit (Art. 79, Art. 82 para. (6) and Art. 102 of the Law no. 227/2015 related to the Tax Code). Thus, through the support of a NGO, each of us can actively contribute to the problem-solving of civil society in Romania.

  • Over 12,000 forms of redirection were collected in OMV Petrom’s head offices
  • On average, 150 NGOs benefited annually from the support of OMV Petrom’s employees
  • More than 95 NGOs participated to 4 editions of the Fair of NGOs