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Corporate Governance documents

OMV Petrom S.A. (the Company) is committed to deliver a competitive shareholder return throughout the business cycle, including paying a progressive dividend, in line with the financial performance and investment needs, considering the long term financial health of the Company.

On December 7, 2021, the Company made a stronger commitment to increase its base dividend per share by 5% - 10% per annum on average by 2030.
In a favorable market environment and at management discretion, special dividends may also be distributed, provided that the Company’s investment plans are funded.
Total dividends are estimated to represent approximately 40% of the Company’s operating cash flows for 2022-2030 in a base case price scenario.

Planning and forecasting activities in OMV Petrom are undertaken at many levels and for a wide variety of purposes. In terms of their time horizon, these activities can be classified as either strategic or operational. The most important result of the operational planning is the budget which is submitted for approval to the relevant corporate bodies.
On a monthly basis, year-end forecasts for the current year are prepared with the aim to monitor performance versus the current year budget and to trigger actions in case negative deviations occur.
Both the operational and strategic plans, including forecasts, are built starting from assumptions regarding the market development and cover operational and financial key performance indicators. The planning assumptions comprise of a set of macro-economic and business specific metrics, which are of major importance for the company. This includes:

  • Key assumptions:
  1. Oil price Brent
  2. Gas price
  3. Refining margin
  4. Exchange rates
  • Feedstock/product prices
  • Macro-economic variables (GDP development, consumer price indices)
  • Energy consumption
  • Tax rates and energy taxation etc.

Our Sustainability strategy means creating long-term value for society, environment , our customers and shareholders, while being an  innovative company and an employer of choice. More details on our sustainability principles can be found here:

These present rules and procedures (hereinafter referred to as the “Procedure”) establish the framework for organizing and conducting the general meetings of shareholders of OMV Petrom S.A., a company managed in a two-tier system, incorporated and operating under the laws of Romania, registered with the Trade Registry Office of Bucharest Court under number J40/8302/1997, fiscal code 1590082, having its headquarters at 22 Coralilor Street, District 1, Bucharest (“Petrom City”), with a subscribed and paid up share capital of RON 5,664,410,833.50 (hereinafter referred to as “OMV Petrom” or the “Company”).
The General Meeting of Shareholders (hereinafter referred to as the “GMS”) is the highest deliberative body of the Company through which the shareholders` will is expressed in any matters of interest of the Company. General meetings are ordinary (hereinafter referred to as the “OGMS”) and extraordinary (hereinafter referred to as the “EGMS”) and unless the Articles of Association of the Company do not stipulate otherwise, they will be held at the registered office of the Company or in a venue indicated in the convening notice for the respective GMS. For the purpose of this Procedure, EGMS and OGMS are collectively referred to as the GMS.
The Company shall ensure equal treatment among all shareholders and among all holders of global depository receipts representing shares issued by the Company, deposited with Citibank, N.A., as depositary, (hereinafter referred to as the “GDRs”) in order to participate and exercise their voting rights in the GMS. 
The Company observes the one share - one vote principle, except where the voting rights are suspended in accordance with the applicable law. There are no shares with multiple voting rights, preferential voting rights or maximum voting rights or other voting right restrictions such as non-voting shares without preference, priority shares, golden shares and other voting rights ceilings.
The entire document regarding the rules and procedures of the GMS can be downloaded from below:

General Meeting of Shareholders Procedure (PDF, 598,6 KB)