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Stakeholders Engagement

OMV Petrom is committed to stakeholder engagement and is convinced that mutual respect, transparent behavior, and open dialogue are the best foundations for a good relationship with our diverse stakeholders. Identifying and responding to their needs can positively influence our license to operate, our competitive advantage, and our long-term success and social acceptance for future developments. Thus, we constantly ensure an active dialogue with all our stakeholders to establish win-win relationships, develop yearly social assessments, and make a conscious effort to comply with international sustainability frameworks, guidelines, and standards.
OMV Petrom cooperates with the main professional associations in the energy and oil industry and with other economic actors in the field. Together with these organizations, we provide professional support to state institutions, ministries, and energy agencies on climate change and environmental issues, harmonize legislation with EU requirements and promote sustainable principles in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.To fulfill our commitment and social responsibilities, we have increased the dialogue and support we offer to the local communities where we operate. Our stakeholder engagement activities take various forms, including active participation at forums, conferences with key stakeholders, expert committees and discussions, working groups, and organizing common projects discussions (partnerships). We also engage frequently with investors on ESG issues via one-to-one conversations, participations at external events and group meetings.

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 More details about our Stakeholder Engagement can be found in the interactive online sustainability report  or on OMV Petrom Sustainability Report 2020