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Eco-Innovation – our engagement for new energies

Our Eco-Innovation aim is to secure valuable, long-term alternatives to traditional fossil fuels and developing new technologies that can help reduce CO2 emissions. 

As an energy group, OMV must respond to the challenges of rising energy demand, finite fossil fuel reserves and climate change. We do so by investing in research and development (R&D) as well as in innovative projects in the renewable energy field. Using our core skills, we currently concentrate our R&D efforts on second-generation biofuels and infrastructure for H2 mobility. Apart from this domain researchers are also exploring numerous other future-oriented issues: the photo catalytic production of hydrogen using sunlight or the chemical recycling of synthetics at the end of the product life cycle, just to mention a few examples. 

R&D expenditure in the Group totaled EUR 25 mn Euro in 2014. Eco-Innovation share of total research expenditures in 2014 is 72%.