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OMV Petrom aims to become a regional energy leader in innovation and digitalization. Innovation represents an important pillar of OMV Petrom Group Sustainability Strategy 2025, contributing to more agile and efficient operations, minimizing environmental impact, investing in new technologies and providing cost-efficient solutions to our customers and society.

2025 Sustainability targets and 2020 achievements:

  • Co-process up to 90,000 tons of biogenic feedstock per year in the Petrobrazi refinery by 2025 
  • 2020: process studies finalized; start process design work
  • Implement Advanced Recovery pilots in Upstream to increase the recovery factor of our oil fields
  • 2020 Successful pilot and extension in Independența project; started execution for a similar project in Vața field).

Developing of cutting–edge technological competencies and Digitalization

Digital is a major component of our daily activity. The Digital Journey program is much more than applying and scaling technology – it is about people and culture, about creating a digital mindset, building digital skills, and reshaping the talent landscape. All of this is done using design thinking and agile ways of working and in close collaboration with technology partners, universities and start-ups. The digital strategy is focused on three key divisional programs, namely DigitUP in Exploration & Production, Digital motion in Refining & Marketing, and Finance 4.0 in corporate services.

Three signposts guide the OMV Petrom Digital Journey are:

  •  DIGITALIZE! Creating business agility through smart investment choices that focus on the highest impact on business and HSSE priorities.
  • ACT! Innovating at speed and scale by creating environments receptive to innovation and fostering an organization, skills, mindset and culture that are adaptive to digital. ACT! part specifically addresses our people and our ways of working.
  •  ENABLE! Common digital platforms form the backbone of our digital core that enables us to break down data silos and use data across the Group.

Paperless initiative: Since 2017, OMV Petrom has launched the Paperless Project, where it takes a close look at its day-to-day operations involving paper consumption and considers ways to reduce the related environmental impact. To this end, the company has deployed various initiatives under the umbrella “Go paperless,” including implementing electronic signatures starting in 2017. The environmental benefits include reducing paper consumption, preventing paper waste, avoiding carbon emissions from courier services as well as minimizing the impact on natural resources required for maintaining controlled parameters (e.g., temperature and humidity) in the storage rooms. Its implementation was gradual, starting with several financial flows of internal documents, then with external ones such as commercial contracts or operational documents in Upstream. An important step took place in 2020, when around 6,300 employees were provided with qualified electronic signature solutions for most types of documents. This technology helped the Company to reduce its paper consumption by 25% in 2020 versus 2019.

“Welcome to the Digital Democracy!” project: This program is enabling everybody in OMV Petrom Group to acquire the tools and skills to solve their own digital challenges. The Digital Democracy project brings awareness sessions, hackathons, self-help guides and expert access. 

More details can be found in the interactive online sustainability report  or on OMV Petrom Sustainability Report 2020