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Digitalmotion - achievements and looking forward

What is Digitalmotion?

Digitalmotion is a OMV Petrom initiative aimed at fostering a collaborative virtual environment, promoting open thinking and accelerating digital transformation. It offers:

  • Deep technology expertise and problem solving methodology
  • Inspiration through knowledge sharing and best practice
  • A platform to bring innovation to life

Digitalmotion, embodies a commitment to cultivating a collaborative virtual environment that fosters open thinking and propels digital transformation forward. At its core, Digitalmotion provides a dynamic platform where deep technology expertise converges with innovative problem-solving methodologies, sparking inspiration through knowledge sharing and best practices.

Central to Digitalmotion's approach are key innovation techniques that drive meaningful change:

1. Innovation Process and Methodology:

This methodology champions empathy, collaboration, and experimentation, empowering teams to co-create solutions that deeply resonate with customers and end-users. Through immersive Bootcamps, Digitalmotion has facilitated impactful prototyping sessions, resulting in solutions that address real-world challenges. Moreover, Digitalmotion has extended its reach by training over 150 OMV Petrom employees across multiple regions, including Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Moldavia.

With a focus on deep expertise, problem-solving, and inspiration, Digital Bootcamps are instrumental in propelling true digital transformation across OMV Petrom's Refining, Marketing, Gas, and Energy divisions. With more than 15 bootcamps conducted starting 2021, Digitalmotion has successfully catalyzed the development of customer-centric products and services like CarHome (the mobile application that digitalizes the drivers life), InstantPay or others.

2. Customer-Centric Innovation:

By prioritizing an understanding of customer needs, behaviors, and preferences, we ensures that digital experiences are not only effective but also deeply aligned with user expectations. This customer-centric approach drives the development of solutions that seamlessly meet evolving customer needs. In pursuit of exceptional user experiences, we have conducted comprehensive UX Audits, identifying areas for improvement and proposing over 150 enhancements in 2023 alone. Through the creation of more than 10 prototypes, Digitalmotion continually refines and elevates user experiences, fostering greater engagement and satisfaction.

3. Sustainability Integration:

Recognizing the importance of sustainability, Digitalmotion has embedded sustainability principles into its innovation efforts and daily practices. Notable among these initiatives is the "Demand Hunting for Sustainability" project, which aligns with ambitious sustainability goals such as Fit for 55 and Carbon Zero.

OMV Petrom has implemented innovative strategies integrating advanced analytics, automation, machine learning algorithms, new digital processes to optimize operations and enhance customer service. Here's a breakdown of the significant achievements:

Resource Optimization: Through the implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions that impacted 81 business processes we've liberated a remarkable total of 225,000 cumulative hours annually. This not only streamlines operations but also enhances efficiency, allowing us to allocate resources more effectively to serve our customers better.

Business Insights: We've developed over 30 business dashboards utilizing advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms. This has empowered us to gain valuable insights into our operations, including a successful AI/ML proof of concept in the Petrobrazi laboratory. Notably, we've delivered a machine learning prototype that evaluates potential savings in laboratory testing, leveraging advanced data analytics. Furthermore, our ongoing development includes the Pricing Tool East – Predictive analytics for price forecasting. This initiative holds the potential of saving 500 hours per year, demonstrating our commitment to maximizing efficiency and productivity through innovative solutions.

Customer Convenience:

In our Retail business segment, we've introduced outdoor payment terminals at over 150 Filling Stations. This initiative enables customers to conveniently pay for fuel at the pump, thereby reducing waiting times and enhancing overall customer satisfaction. Additionally, for our Routex customers, we've implemented a License Plate Recognition system, ensuring a seamless customer journey for identification and payment via fuel card. Moreover, our loyalty app provides personalized offers and rewards to our valued customers, further enhancing their experience and loyalty.

For our commercial users, we've introduced PortalPro, our new customer portal. The portal enhances engagement and efficiency for our commercial clients. Furthermore, we've launched #InstantPay providing the very first online card payment service in Romania for our wholesale fuel customers.

Logistics Optimization: In the refinery business, we've enhanced route and fleet performance management through RTC Telematics. This intelligent system enables dynamic route and fleet performance management for primary logistics and refining logistics. With features such as track & trace, geofencing, and alarming/notification, we can efficiently monitor our internal fleet and extend these capabilities to our transportation partners.

Terminal Automation: The implementation of "COTAS" (Commercial Terminal Automation System) has revolutionized fuel stock management, railway loading processes, and fuels delivery to tank farms. This system simplifies and automates critical processes, enhancing efficiency and reliability in terminal operations.