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Digitalmotion - achievements and look forward

What is Digitalmotion?

Digitalmotion is an OMV Petrom initiative through which we aim to develop a collaborative virtual environment and we approach an open-thinking mindset sharing know- how, ideas and allocating resources for accelerating the digital transformation process, offering:

  • Deep technology expertise and problem solving methodology
  • Inspiration through knowledge sharing and best practice
  • A platform to bring innovation to life

What is Digital Bootcamp?

The DigitalBootcamp is designed to uncover the highest impact business challenges and find solutions for them.
Digital Bootcamp will focus on an impact hub where employees will share information, innovate and drive a true digital transformation in the Downstream - Refining and Marketing and Gas and Energy divisions. The program focuses on:

  • Deep Expertise - Show key technology capabilities and preferred approaches to enable business driven technology choices, opportunities, risks and benefits by offering working sessions to find the right tool for a task, e.g. RPA, software choices and AI. 
  • Problem Solving - A toolkit of ways of working and methodologies establishing the root cause and shaping successful solutions facilitation through the process of problem diagnosis and solution design.
  • Innovation - The format and approach of an innovation bootcamp to enable Ideas to become working prototypes by collaborating across Downstream business by offering a place to shape solutions, growing efficiency and customer experience.
  • Inspiration - We offer case studies, best practice, knowledge sharing channels to enable discovery and learning that is easily applied in OMV Petrom by offering internal and external case studies aross Business Units communities of learning and a clear view of the Digital Portfolio.

Bootcamp concept (design thinking) in OMV Petrom has been one of the priorities in Digitalmotion for 2021. The initiative helps us to better understand what our customer’s pain points are and to create product and services that addresses them. Through Bootcamp initiative, three business & customer pain points turned into three ideas that are currently set for prototyping and MVP (Minimum Viable Product): “Customer Orders”, “Trading Process Optimization”, Feedstock optimization”.

The Design Thinking Methodology experts formed during the Bootcamps rollout, became trainers for around 125 OMV Petrom employees in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Moldavia, sharing the design thinking concept and expertise so that this concept can be further scaled and used in the entire organization.

OMV Petrom performed advanced analytics automation analysis and machine learning algorithms in order to free up resources and create premises for predictability in the day-to-day business to better serve our customers.  

Below, please find more details:

  • 156 920 cumulative hours per year were freed-up by 46 RPA solutions in OMV Downstream Business - 50% of the RPA solutions that are active in OMV Petrom.
  • More than 30 business dashboards using advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms were created, which lead to advanced business insights (e.g., AI/ML POC in the Petrobrazi laboratory). Successfully delivered a machine learning prototype assessing savings potentials in Petrobrazi laboratory testing, utilizing advanced data analytics.
  • In Retail business we piloted the outdoor payment terminal in our Filling Stations, giving the customer the opportunity to pay for fuel at the pump. This translates in accommodating more customers in the same amount of time, thus saving valuable time for our customers.
  • For the refinery business we improved our route and fleet performance management with RTC Telematics - intelligent dynamic route & fleet performance management for primary logistics and Refining logistics (track&trace, monitor, geofence POI, Alarming & notification, damaged wagon management). This helps us monitor the internal fleet and in the verge of scaling-up also to our partners transportation units.
  • Another key initiative in this area was “COTAS” (Commercial Terminal Automation System) that simplifies and automates fuel stock management, railway loading process and fuels delivery to tank farm.

For our Gas & Power business we developed - that deliveres the online customer journey for SME segment growth (Small and Medium sized Enterprises). Now, a user can contract online, end to end OMV Petrom services (Gas and Power).

We look forward to further achievements along the way!