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Our Business

OMV Petrom is active along the entire energy value chain: from exploration and production of oil and gas, to refining and fuels distribution and further on to power generation and marketing of gas and power. Each year, our employees put in millions of man hours to provide the energy needed for day-to-day modern life: light, heat and fuels for mobility. 

In Exploration & Production, we have oil and gas production activities in Romania and we are engaged in exploration activities in Romania, Bulgaria and Georgia. Our expertise varies from deep onshore and offshore exploration to mature fields and shallow offshore production. Find out more.

In Refining & Marketing, we operate the Petrobrazi refinery, with a 4.5 MN tons annual capacity. We are present on the oil products retail markets in Romania and neighbouring countries through 780 filling stations, as of end of 2023, under two brands – Petrom and OMV. Find out more.

In Gas & Power, we are engaged in gas and power sales, on the Romanian gas and power markets and in the neighbouring countries. We are also engaged in power production through the Brazi power plant, commissioned in 2012, with an 860 MWh production capacity. Find out more.