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OMV Petrom SA – Green hydrogen production on the Petrobrazi refinery platform


OMV Petrom SA (as Beneficiary) signed together with the Ministry of Energy (as coordinator of reforms and/or investments for the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP)) the Financing Agreements for the implementation of two projects:

The aim of the two projects is to reduce GHG through the production of green hydrogen, obtained in electrolysis plants by using renewable energy and water.

The projects’ implementation period has started on 29.12.2023, both financed with non-reimbursable funds within “PNRR – Pilonul I. Tranziția verde – Componenta C6. Energie, Măsura de investiții - Investiția I.2, sub-măsura 2.2 a apelului de proiecte“.

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