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OMV Petrom SA - “Extension capacity of green hydrogen production through construction of a 6kNm3/h Hydrogen unit through water electrolysis (including site organization)”

OMV Petrom SA, as Beneficiary, signed together with the Ministry of Energy, as coordinator of reforms and/or investments for the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) – Pillar I. Green transition - Component 6. Energy, Financing Agreement no. 154/29.12.2023 for the implementation of the project "Extension capacity of green hydrogen production through construction of a 6kNm3/h Hydrogen unit through water electrolysis (including site organization)".

The project aims to put into operation a new electrolysis plant with a capacity of 35MW for 18.12 MWH2out from renewable sources and its use in the production of low carbon footprint fuels used in transport, such as sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), as well as diesel bio-components - hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO).

The project’s implementation period, according to the aforementioned Financing Agreement, has started on 29.12.2023 and is financed through NRRP, Investment Measure – Investment I.2 – Renewable gas  distribution infrastructure (use of natural gas in combination with green hydrogen as a transitional measure), as well as green hydrogen production capacities and/or its use for energy storage  electrical-sub-measure 2.2 – Supporting investments in building capacities for green hydrogen production in electrolysis plants, Call Code PNRR/2023/C6/M Energiei/I2 – Sub-măsura 2.2 (relaunched).   

The investment that OMV Petrom SA has proposed to develop, by accessing NRRP non-reimbursable funds, contributes to achieving the objectives assumed by Romania within NRRP – Component C6. Energy, investment measure I.2 and amounts to 480.443.092,91 lei, of which:

  • the total eligible amount is 357.234.478,05 lei, of which the maximum non-reimbursable eligible amount is 142.665.500 lei  
  • the ineligible amount of expenses, which is covered from the beneficiary's own contribution is 46.690.990,25 lei  

The project is implemented by OMV Petrom S.A. in the South - Muntenia Region, on the Petrobrazi Refinery Platform, located in 65 Trandafirilor Street, Brazi Commune, Prahova County, between 29.12.2023 – 31.12.2025 and supports the shift towards a climate-neutral economy and contributes to the EU's decarbonization goals for 2030 and 2050.  

Project information and publicity activities:

So far, the following information and publicity activities have been carried out:

  • Project start publication announcement can be found here press release in media
  • Publication of the announcement regarding the launch of the competitive procurement procedure for the award of the contract with the object "Electrolyzers supply and related services"
  • Creating a dedicated project page on the company’s website.

Beneficiary contact details:

OMV Petrom S.A., registered with the Trade Registry under No. J/40/8302/1997, fiscal code 1590082, headquartered in 22 Coralilor Street (Petrom City), 1st District, Bucharest, Postal Code 013329, phone +40 (372) 8 68632, E-mail:

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