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Tara lui Andrei

Andrei’s Country is the social responsibility platform of OMV Petrom and community of those who want a better country every day! Since 12 years ago, through Andrei’s Country, OMV Petrom supports the projects that inspire the Romanian communities to take action, change their lives, to grow by their own forces. 

Romania plants for tomorrow

With a contribution of 4.6 million euros, the “Romania plants for tomorrow” program is the largest privately funded planting initiative in Romania. Within it, approximately 1,500,000 seedlings will be planted on 300 hectares, in the period 2020-2023.

The afforestation actions will be carried out with the support of six NGOs recognized for their contributions to environmental protection: Act for Tomorrow, More Green, We plant good deeds in Romania, Children's Forest, Viitor Plus and Văcărești Natural Park Association. The Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests provides support through forestry specialists and local expertise throughout the planting campaign.

In 2020, the plantings took place in 24 localities in 16 counties, on a total area of ​​over 120 hectares. In 2021, the second year of the campaign, 500,000 seedlings will be planted on 107 hectares, in 28 localities in 14 counties. The afforestation actions started in March 2021 and will be take place in spring and autumn.

Forests sequester carbon by capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. As part of the campaign, OMV Petrom supports research in the field of carbon sequestration and funds the first initiative in Romania for calculating and forecasting carbon stocks, carried out by Forest Design using the LiDAR (3D Laser) scanning technique, as well as digitizing information obtained - https: /

"Romania plants for tomorrow" contributes to the support of three objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: (13) Climate Action, (15) Terrestrial Life and (17) Partnerships for Achieving the Objectives.

Two new projects will be part, this year of the "Romania plants for tomorrow" campaign.

Urban forests will be created in Moinești, Urziceni and Buftea, with the role of improving air quality, reducing noise and increasing biodiversity.

The Educational Forest is the second new project, in which students from several schools in Prahova County will make educational trips to Tinosu, to learn about the forest ecosystem.

Planting initiatives

Between 2008 and 2019, OMV Petrom planted over 700,000 trees, on an area of ​​140 hectares, becoming one of the largest promoters in the private sector of planting actions. The campaigns carried out over time have benefited from the support of employees and over 3,000 volunteers, who have chosen to contribute civically to protect and grow the forests in Romania.

We planted in areas affected by landslides, to prevent sandstorms, against water accumulations and floods, to protect roads, improve air quality or regenerate demanding species.

Some of the important projects and results from the last over 13 years of planting in Romania:

Romania takes roots

During the period 2008-2010, OMV Petrom was involved in the “Romania takes roots” campaign, a project carried out in public – private partnership with Realitatea TV, The National Directorate of Forests (Romsilva) and the MaiMultVerde Association. 

The first afforestation action took place in 2008 in the areas affected by floods from the north of the country in the localities Comănesti (Bacău county), Doljeşti (Neamţ county) and Udeşti (Suceava county). In 2009, the areas affected by drought from the south of the country have been forested, as well as other areas with risk of floods from Moldavia: Sudiţi (Ialomiţa county), Dăbuleni (Dolj county), Sculeni (Iaşi county), Comăneşti (Bacău county), Sfinţeşti (Teleorman county), Remetea Mică (Timiş county). The planting continued also in 2010 in the communes of Chițcani (Vaslui county), Sadova (Suceava county), Oancea (Galați county) and Dăbuleni (Dolj county).

Plantations in Andrei's Country

Together with the MaiMultVerde Association, we contributed to the afforestation of over 48 hectares of land with over 250,000 trees in 9 counties in Romania.

The Parks of the Future

During the period 2007-2009, together with the local authorities we built 6 parks in 6 big cities in Romania: Bucharest, Pitești, Moinești, Ploiești, Timișoara, Constanța. The project emerged in response to a constant need facing cities nationwide: the lack of green space.

Thus, the parks Lunca Florilor from Bucharest, Expo Parc from Piteşti, Central Park from Moineşti, Libertăţii Park from Ploieşti, Adolescents Park from Timişoara, CET Constanța Park have taken on a new shape a new form. The six green locations were built on vacant land, where green areas were missing or instead of other parks that were not functional and unsafe for the community.

For more information about plantings and about the social responsibility programs developed by OMV Petrom, please go to

Other projects and initatives:

Vocational Week in Andrei's Country is part of the vocational education support program, Vocational Romania and is a new format derived from the traditional OMV Petrom project: Vocational Summer Camp. The project includes a series of personal and professional development workshops designed to help students be better prepare for the labor market after graduation.

This year, in partnership with 2 high schools from Prahova County: Mechanical Technological High School from Câmpina and Elie Radu Energetic High School from Ploiești, it is addressed to all ninth grade students from mechanical and electrical specialization to show them from the first year of study that #itcanbedone and that their future profession is a valuable one.
In the personal development workshops, students will learn with the help of the trainers how to work as a team, how to communicate effectively, how to write a CV, how to present themselves to an employer, who are beneficiaries of an employment contract and how to look for a job adapted to their needs.

In the professional workshops, students will find out from professionals in the fields in which they train basic practical notions about their future profession.

At the same time, all teachers from the 2 partner schools will participate in development courses on conflict management and online education methods.

Both students and teachers will receive digital equipment within the project, that will help them continue their studies and have access to education in these challenged times. The digital equipment will be offered for free to all beneficiaries in the project with the aim to facilitate the educational act both in organizing the project and in the future. 

The Vocational Week will take place online between October 26-30 for students and teachers from Elie Radu Energy High School in Ploiesti and between November 02-06 for students and teachers at the Mechanical Technological High School in Câmpina.

An educational project within the Vocational Romania campaign, through which OMV Petrom supports 6 vocational classes with specializations from the oil and gas industry. For 3 years, the students study after an updated curriculum and benefit from internships within the company, scholarships and vocational training courses held by OMV Petrom employees.

Two generations of students will be trained between 2020-2024 in 3 technological high schools from the country: Technological High School “Astra Pitești", Technological High School "Grigore Cobălcescu" from Moinești and Technological High School "Voievodul Mircea" from Târgoviște. The students who will successfully complete the courses will be awarded a vocational qualification acknowledged at European level.
Depending on school performance, OMV Petrom grants the students a monthly scholarship of maximum Lei 700. In 2020, Euro ~ 30,000 were assigned for the rehabilitation of several classrooms and the endowment of the laboratories from the 3 partner high schools with required equipment for the students’ practice. Together with the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research, the company’s employees developed updated course supports that help teachers and students.

Specialization from Oilmen´s School  
•    Well operator: is part of the standard team, which performs intervention works, repairs and well abandoning.

Results 2015-2019:
•    167 participating students
•    167 scholarships of maximum Lei 700/monthly on each study year
•    Euro  ~110.000 for classrooms rehabilitation and laboratories endowment
•    Internship within OMV Petrom, alongside company specialists
•    Updated curriculum for the 2 specializations: Operator for the extraction, transportation, treatment and delivery of gas and Well operator
•    Vocational qualification acknowledged at international level
•    Learning materials updated in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research
•    2 rehabilitated classrooms
•    4 equipped practice laboratories
•    The possibility to continue the 11th grade studies in high school education
•    65 junior well operators hired within the company

Vocational Summer Camp from Andrei’s Country is part of the Vocational Romania program and is a project based on professional and personal development workshops for students and teachers from 11th and 12th grades from technological high schools and vocational schools. The project was launched in 2015.

The camp includes a series of practical activities designed to help the students to be better prepared for the labor market after finishing their studies. 

The students participate in an intensive program combining vocational profiling, personal development courses, practical workshops and themed nights. Within the practical workshops, the students simulate a real working schedule, where they learn basic knowledge about the craft they study, they are assigned roles and responsibilities and work guided by specialists in the field. At the end of each camp, the future craftsmen carry out a large-scale final project, specific for their chosen craft. 

During the personal development workshops, the students learn the basics about communication, teamwork, entrepreneurial spirit, civic responsibility, as well as how to present themselves in front of an employer or how to write a CV. Oftentimes, the students have the opportunity to interact even with real employers. The teachers take courses of interaction with the students, conflict management or development of leadership skills within educational management.

Results in the first 5 years:
•    Over 1.100 students participated in the camp
•    Over 200 teachers took educational skills development courses
•    180 scholarships
•    Specializations: oilmen, electricians, constructors, mechanics, hairdressers, tailors, cooks and waiters

A national SMART projects competition, through which we support the initiatives that use technology cleverly in order to build sustainable communities in Romania.

We build SMART COMMUNITIES together for a better country with each passing day!

In the RO SMART competition, we finance with grants between 200,000-500,000 euro and provide mentoring from our colleagues, for projects in which technology is present into the service of people. Through these projects, we try to solve the problems faced by society, render resource consumption more effective, to improve public services, to increase the life quality of citizens or to reduce costs on a medium and long term for the community.

For the growth of villages and cities from Romanian with the aid of technology, we seek smart solutions in the fields of: education, infrastructure, health, safety, transportation, agriculture, energy and environment. The projects must be developed for the sake of the community and must have an impact among as many citizens as possible.

In the competition can sign up non-governmental organizations, public establishments, local public administration authorities or education units and establishments from the state system from any locality from Romania. Natural persons can sign up in the competition in collaboration with one of the above-mentioned entities.
RO SMART is the newest format since two years of the national competition Ideas from Andrei’s Country.

Till now we supported around 100 projects for environment, education and community development fields with grands over EUR 1,300,000 euro .