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Community Relations and Development

Social Involvement 

As a corporate citizen, we aim to be a responsible partner for our stakeholders and mainly for the communities.This is achieved through ongoing dialogue with stakeholders, through community-based partnerships, and through projects that contribute to the sustainable development of communities. The company has operations in over 350 local communities. We invest in the development of communities where we do business, providing know-how and financial support to people and sustainable projects that help Romanian communities develop in the long run. 

Andrei’s Country is the social responsibility platform of OMV Petrom and community of those who want a better country every day! Since 12 years ago, through Andrei’s Country, OMV Petrom supports the projects that inspire the Romanian communities to take action, change their lives, to grow by their own forces.

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Community Relations

Community relations and the development of society is a strategic aspect of business and fundamental to ensure smooth operations. Regular interaction with our communities is part of our day-to-day business and we work hard to be a supportive neighbor by avoiding the negative impact, and developing projects for communities’ socio-economic development. 

Community relations and development management is based on centralized policies, standards and targets. We receive regular reporting and feedback from local community development teams, monitor developments and ensure that the company guidelines on community relations and development are adhered to and that our actions to ensure social responsibility are effective.

Our community relations and development management process starts by conducting a Social Impact Assessment (SIA). This assessment is conducted when we enter a new area, or there is a material change in our operations. SIAs include a baseline study, community needs assessments, stakeholder analyses, and a study of social risks (incl. human rights) associated with the project. 

Projects are therefore prioritized according to their potential to generate long-term societal value and make a lasting change to beneficiaries’ lives, therefore mitigating social risks and contributing to local social, economic and environmental advancement in the areas where we operate. Our community and social investments are aligned with UN SDGs and community needs identified during the SIAs. The projects are regularly implemented in partnership with local stakeholders. 

Community Grievance Management

Our business operations impact the communities where we operate and also raise expectations among local people. These impacts can be positive (employment, growth of local suppliers of goods and services), but also negative (dust, emissions, land use, privacy and creation of a dependency culture). With a grievance mechanism system in place, OMV Petrom has a consistent approach in receiving, registering and solving the grievances.