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OMV Petrom is part of the economic and social fabric of the community and that comes with important responsibilities.  We are a strategic partner for the sustainable development of our communities with projects and investments based on needs identified at local level which contribute to the UN Agenda of Sustainable Development.

We invest in the development of communities where we do business, providing know-how and financial support to people and sustainable projects that help Romanian communities develop in the long run.

Since 2007, OMV Petrom has made corporate responsibility principles part of its business strategy. Between 2007 and 2020, the company has allocated over EUR 72 million to develop communities in Romania. The social involvement continued in the last two years:

  • 2022: EUR ~40 mn in projects that covered 99% of local communities,
  • 2021: EUR >11 mn.

The main pillars of our social involvement are:

Environment -  we support mainly projects to mitigate climate change, energy efficiency, biodiversity, water efficiency, recycling, planting trees, safety in communities (e.g. prevention, awareness campaigns for reaction for natural disasters etc.), innovation and new technologies aiming to solve environmental issues, awareness campaigns.

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Education  -  we support initiatives that encourage equal access to quality education; support for national education system (formal and informal learning initiatives), technical and vocational education, infrastructure development, skills development for increasing employability, gender equality, local economic growth, as well education for general population on energy industry topics, educational events (conferences, debates, roundtables), using of new technology and innovation in this area.

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Health - we support projects that ensure access to quality health care services;  support for development of infrastructure (e.g. constructions, medical equipment, maintenance, modern equipment facilities, etc.) and using of new technology, campaigns for relevant health issues in Romania and at local communities level (e.g. blood donations campaigns, etc.).

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Launched in 2022, OMV Petrom Foundation aims to become an important pillar in the civil society through strategic long-term partnerships with other non-governmental organizations, central or local public authorities in the three key areas mentioned.

More details can be found in the interactive online sustainability report  or on OMV Petrom Sustainability Report 2022.