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OMV Petrom Foundation

Launched in 2022, OMV Petrom Foundation is building programs and supporting long-term investments in Romania, in three key areas: education, environment and health.

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The Foundation acts, through resources and solutions, to contribute decisively to the creation of a sustainable and fair society for all of us, by supporting education, environmental protection and improving the health care system. Thus, OMV Petrom Foundation aims to become an important pillar in the civil society through strategic long-term partnerships with other non-governmental organizations, central or local public authorities in the three key areas mentioned.

The mission of OMV Petrom Foundation is to connect and develop communities, transforming Romania.

The values that guide the Foundation in its programs are based on equity, integrity, responsibility towards society, empathy but also strategic long-term partnerships that can bring Romania where we all dream it to be.   

The vision of OMV Petrom Foundation is to contribute decisively to the creation of a sustainable and fair society for all of us.

The Foundation's areas of intervention are chosen to continue what OMV Petrom considered a priority for a healthy evolution of the country, areas in which we focused our involvement in social responsibility actions. OMV Petrom will continue its sustainability and alignment efforts with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the communities in which it operates.

We focused our attention for the beginning on the health care system, looking at the situation of seriously ill newborns and preterm infants arriving in specialized medical units. In Romania, non-acute infant mortality is double the European average according to Eurostat and most neonatology centers (level I and II) do not have enough places and are inadequately equipped. There are currently no specialized services for transporting critical neonatal patients or specialized personnel to serve such services. Thus, we decided that "Together from day one" will be the first project of the OMV Petrom Foundation.

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With a budget of EUR 2 mn, the project will have three directions of intervention through which we aim to reduce infant mortality

  • A fund worth EUR 1 mn, for projects managed by Save the Children, through which we aim to raise the equipment level of maternity wards in Romania.
  • The investment in a mobile unit specialized for the transport of critical neonatal patients that will function under the 112 - emergency service and operated by ICU Marie Curie, Bucharest.
  • The investment in equipping 6 SMURD helicopters with state-of-the-art incubators, at European standards.  

​Find out more about the future actions of OMV Petrom Foundation on . 

Together for a better tomorrow!