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Gas & Power at a glance

img_Brazi power plant

Energy is an essential part of our daily lives. At OMV Petrom, we are committed to providing reliable and sustainable energy solutions to meet our customers' needs. As the largest integrated energy producer in Southeastern Europe and a leader in the Romanian natural gas and power markets, we are proud to produce and supply energy in its many forms for millions of people every day. We are committed to doing this safely, risk-free and responsibly.

We have solid experience in meeting our customers' needs on the Romanian gas and power markets and also in developing activities in neighbouring countries, in line with our strategic targets.

Key figures*


Clients supplied with gas & power

~47 TWh

Gas sales

4.2 TWh

Brazi power plant electrical output


OMV Petrom is a reliable energy supplier for local businesses, offering customized natural gas and electricity supply solutions for hundreds of companies in Romania. We are dedicated to making people's lives better every day through the energy solutions we provide.

Gas is an important part of the energy transition and we are committed to using natural gas as an efficient energy source on our path towards a more sustainable energy future.

We produce electricity at the Brazi power plant, the largest private greenfield project in electricity generation in Romania, commissioned in 2012, a reliable producer for the industry and households in Romania. Our operations also extend into neighbouring countries, such as Hungary and Bulgaria, in line with our strategic direction to develop operations in the region.

We recognize the importance of low-carbon energy options and invest in renewable energy. By 2030, we plan to commission more than 1 GW of renewable energy capacity in Romania. We have made significant progress on this strategic pillar in 2023 which builds momentum in achieving our strategic targets in transitioning to low and zero carbon. Find out more.

* Figures for 2023