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Brazi Power Plant

Brazi power plant is state-of-the-art natural gas fired power plant, which combines the high efficiency and operational flexibility, contributing to the balancing of the Romanian power market. The Brazi gas fired power plant is the largest private Greenfield project in electricity generation in Romania.

With a 860 MW capacity, Brazi Power Plant can cover approx. 10% of Romanian power consumption. It could light up 70 million light-bulbs simultaneously.

The Brazi power plant was commissioned in 2012. The investment in the project was approx. 530 million euro.

The Brazi power plant brings security to the national power supply: it isn't dependent on weather and can balance the market following fluctuations of renewable energy.


  • High Efficiency: 57% is Brazi power plant efficiency (vs. 30% average power generation efficiency in Romania)
  • High Flexibility: quick start (half of the time required by conventional power plants); high ramp-up speed;
  • Low CO2 Emissions: CCPP Brazi generates power with 0,35t CO2/MWh emissions vs. a conventional coal power plant that generates power with ~ 0,8t CO2/ MWh emissions.


Brazi Power plant information

  • Investment: ~530 million euro
  • Maximum capacity: 860 MWh
  • Units: two gas turbines (290 MW each), two heat recovery boilers and one steam turbine (319 MW)