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Petrom is financing two social responsibility projects, winners of „Respect for the future” TV show

Bucharest, 05.05.2008 –“Respect for the future” TV show has set its winners. After the Award Ceremony, Petrom has chosen to finance two finalist projects: « Valea Muntelui community development » project and « Access to education » project, proposed by the Community Support Foundation from Bacau.

« Respect for the future » TV show set its goal to support non-governmental organizations in Romania which show responsibility for the future. Mona Nicolici, CSR Communication Manager Petrom, has hosted the TV show in which 24 social responsibility projects were presented to the public.
For more than three months, the viewers had the chance to support their favorite projects. The most ten voted programs entered in the final Gala.

The Award Ceremony for the winning projects was a special edition broadcasted on Realitatea TV in the first day of Easter, on April, 27.
10 public personalities have accepted to support these ideas and pleaded in front of a jury consisting of Liviu Mihaiu, Mariana Bitang, Virgil Ianţu and Mariana Gheorghe, CEO Petrom.

Andrei Gheorghe, Dan Bittman, Adriana Trandafir, Mihai Dobrovolski, Corina Dragotescu, A.G.Weinberger, Cristina Ţopescu, Mădălin Voicu, Marius Vizante and Mihai Ghyka teamed with the ten NGOs present in the final Gala.

After the debates, Petrom has chosen to finance two of the projects presented: Valea Muntelui Community Development project initiated by Friends of the Earth Association and Access to education project belonging to Community Support Foundation from Bacau.

“We have considered that we will have a higher impact it we support two projects in the same area. This way, we can make a difference. We believe that an education project and a Community development project can make a WHOLE. But, the biggest gain of this campaign’ is the relationship created between these 10 personalities and the cause they have supported. Honestly, I never thought I will see the though Andrei Gheorghe talking with sensibility about some children’ desire to dream of the stars or Mihai Dobrovolski pleading for the need of people with disabilities to integrate in the society. I never thought Dan Bittman can fight so powerfully to save a natural reservation. Or that Marius Florea Vizante can make a show, just to convince the jury that “his” project is the best. I believe that this way, the other projects have a chance as well. I will continue to hope that other companies will come to “adopt” one of the projects presented and that, people who were watching this TV show will change their attitude a bit” - Mona Nicolici, CSR Communication Manager Petrom.

“We want to thank all our supporters who voted for the project, making possible its entry in the final of “Respect for the future” TV show. Many thanks for the jury as well because they had trust in our project and understood the vital importance of the project in Podu Turcului area, one of the most poorest and most disadvantaged area in Romania. And not least, many thanks to Petrom, which by initiating and sustaining this TV show managed to give new meanings to the social responsibility concept and proved that wants and knows how to get truly involved in the communities were it is developing its activity. We are glad that thanks to this award we can continue to give essential services to develop these poor communities from Podu Turcului”. (Gabriela Achihai, President of the Communitarian Support Foundation Bacau)

Valea Muntelui Community Development project wants to introduce this area in the touristic and economic circuit, based on traditional products and occupations, with minimum impact on the environment. In Valea Muntelui the tradition was kept for hundreds of years and villages such as Brusturoasa and Palanca are known for the traditional food and local craftsmen. The association will build a communitarian center were an ecological kitchen will function to make specific food from this area and some workshops from crafting the wood. The construction will be done with local force labor, in respect with the local architecture and using alternative energy sources. The initiators of the project have managed to organize the locals in associations and to send some of the small producers at competitions and fairs, where they have been awarded.

The Community Support Foundation from Bacau has begun its activity ten years ago in Podu Turcului area, an area marked by poverty and social problems, such as illiteracy, unemployment and school abandonment. To solve a part of these problems, the Foundation has initiated social medical assistance programs, has created a mobile pharmacy and had family planning activities. “Access to education” project wants to educate the people in this area. In this respect, the Community Support Foundation from Bacau has rehabilitated three educational centers in the most disadvantaged communities in the area. The children are coming here to make their homework and to play after the school hours. Qualified personnel are offering assistance to these children. The foundation wants to straighten the communitarian spirit by printing a local newspaper; courses will be organized for teachers and tutors in the area, a playground for children will be build and a school for parents to showing them the importance of education for their children.

During the Gala, two more finalist projects have received support from Provident Company:  “ASIST” from the Physical Disabled Association from Baia Mare and “Children care too” project from “By giving, you will receive” Association.

“Respect for the future” TV show was a natural continuation of Petrom’s preoccupation in regards of improving the environment’s quality and with resources’ conservation by using rationally these resources, recognizing, protecting and promoting social values, stimulating the respect for the future and satisfying the communities’ needs and the society’s needs at large.

Petrom CSR
„Respect for Future” is a complex program initiated by Petrom, at the beginning of 2007, through which we respond to society’s and environment’s needs. 

„Respect for Future” is the concretization of our principles, which stand at the base of durable development. We believe that the present needs can be satisfied with respect for the future generations and that is why we have chosen to treat environmental and social aspect as part of our business conduct.