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OMV Petrom moves to full digitization of fuel contracts with business customers

OMV Petrom has implemented the electronic signature for fuel contracts with legal entities this summer. In this way, approximately 32,000 kg of wood and 700,000 liters of water can be saved annually, by reducing the quantity of paper used at signing and during the contractual relationship.

“Digitally signing the contracts, without sending them by post, allows a reduction of the contracting time from up to 20 days to just one day. In addition, eliminating the paper documents contributes to reducing the environmental impact and saves costs for printing and sending the documents”, said Adrian Nicolaescu, VP Product Supply & Sales East.


The electronic signature solution is provided by DocuSign, the most known company globally in the field and has been launched in OMV Petrom this summer. The electronic signature completes the range of digital services offered to fuel business customers, alongside with electronic bills and dedicated online platforms.

The electronic billing services for OMV Petrom‘s fuels business customers have been available even since 2013. Currently, approximately 90% of clients use this system, eliminating the need to print, send and physically archive the documents.

Moreover, the business customers benefit from dedicated online platforms. For example, the customers who purchase wholesale fuels can initiate online orders via the platform Business Portal and get notifications on their status via e-mail and SMS. The companies managing car fleets and using an OMV and Petrom fuel card have a dedicated platform as well – Fleet Online Service, that allows monitoring consumption and managing card portfolio.

Technology and innovation are among key enablers in the implementation of OMV Petrom’s strategy. The company focuses on digitization solutions in all fields of activity, from oil and gas fields and internal processes digitization, to efficient solutions provided to fuel, gas and electricity clients.