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Ad hoc report – Supervisory Board decisions 25 03 2015

In compliance with Capital Markets Law no. 297/2004 and Regulation no.1/2006 of NSC

Date of report: March 25, 2015
Name of issuer: OMV Petrom S.A.
Headquarters: Bucharest, Coralilor nr. 22, sector 1
Telephone/fax number: +40 372 429082/ +40 372 868518 
Sole registration number at the Trade Register Office: 1590082
Fiscal attribute: R
Trade Register Number: J 40/8302/1997
Share capital: 5,664,410,833.5 RON
Regulated market on which the issued shares are traded: Bucharest Stock Exchange

Significant events to be reported:

OMV Petrom, the largest oil and gas producer in Southeastern Europe, announces the following resolutions of the Supervisory Board passed in the meeting that took place on March 24, 2015:

a) Renaming of the business divisions

The Supervisory Board decided to rename OMV Petrom’s business divisions with effect from April 1st 2015 as follows:

  • Exploration and Production division to become Upstream Division
  • Refining and Marketing division to become Downstream Oil
  • Gas and Power division to become Downstream Gas.

b) Changes in the Executive Board and a new mandate to the Executive Board

The Supervisory Board appointed the following OMV Petrom Executive Board members for a four year term starting April 17, 2015 until April 17, 2019.

1) Mariana Gheorghe – Chief Executive Officer and President of the Executive Board;
2) Andreas Matje – Chief Financial Officer and Executive Board member;
3) Gabriel Selischi – Executive Board member in charge with Upstream activity;
4) Neil Anthony Morgan – Executive Board member in charge with Downstream Oil activity
5) Lǎcrǎmioara Diaconu-Pinţea – Executive Board member in charge with Downstream Gas activity.

Mr. Cristian Secoşan mandate as member of the Executive Board will cease starting with April 17, 2015.

The new Executive Board member, Lǎcrǎmioara Diaconu-Pinţea (41), has graduated the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest in 1997 with a degree in Finance and the MBA program of Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (University of Economics Vienna) in 2008. She started her career in OMV Petrom in 1998 in the Strategy, Planning, Development Division. Subsequently she held various managerial positions within OMV Petrom, from Corporate Development Director having responsibilities in Mergers & Acquisitions, Investors Relations and Strategy, to Director of Business Unit Power, since its establishment in October 2007. During January 2012-September 2013, Lǎcrǎmioara was Vice President Investor Relations for OMV Group. She is currently in charge of Exploration & Production Business Support of OMV E&P Gmbh in Vienna.

Mariana Gheorghe
Chief Executive Officer
President of the Executive Board