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Ad-hoc report - Intention of MECMA - OPSPI to initiate and unfold a secondary public offering for a minority stake

In compliance with Law no. 297/2004 and Regulation no.1/2006 of CNVM

Date of report: 19.05.2011
Name of issuer: OMV PETROM S.A.
Headquarters: Bucharest, Calea Dorobantilor nr. 239 sector 1
Telephone, fax number: +40 372 429082/ +40 372 868518
Sole registration number: 1590082
Fiscal attribute: R
Trade Register Number: J 40/8302/1997
Share capital: 5,664,410,833.5 RON
Regulated market on which the issued shares are traded: Bucharest Stock Exchange

Significant event to be reported/ Eveniment important de raportat:

Intention of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment (MECMA) - Office for the State Participations and Privatization in Industry (OPSPI) to initiate and unfold a secondary public offering for a minority stake

In accordance with the information received from the National Securities Commission (NSC),

OMV Petrom S.A. hereby announces that by Decision no.465 of 18 May 2011, NSC has approved, based on the request submitted by the Brokerage Syndicate consisting of Renaissance Capital Limited, S.S.I.F. EFG Eurobank Securities S.A., S.S.I.F. B.T. Securities S.A. and S.S.I.F. Romcapital S.A., the preliminary prospectus drawn up by MECMA-OPSPI and the Brokerage Syndicate, for the purpose of assessing the investment interest in the shares issued by OMV Petrom SA and held by MECMA, the preliminary prospectus being drawn up with respect to a number of 5,573,780,260 shares (9.84% stake) owned by MECMA.

The total number of shares held by MECMA in the share capital of OMV Petrom S.A. amounts to 11,690,694,418, corresponding to a 20.64% stake in the share capital.

Mariana Gheorghe 
President of the Executive Board
Chief Executive Officer