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Become an OMV Petrom Supplier

We are constantly searching for reliable and competent suppliers.

The potential supplier (hereinafter ‘you’) may register as OMV Supplier via this online supplier questionnaire. Your registration is processed in SAP Ariba.

New Supplier:

Please complete the structured questionnaire for your company. Your application will be sent to the responsible OMV procurement representative for approval.

Registered Supplier:

You may access SAP Ariba by entering your user name and password. You may change any information you provided in your supplier questionnaire. The help center (accessible via question mark) of this page will guide you through the process. Please note that such change of the supplier questionnaire may result in a re-approval of your registration.

Terms and Conditions

You hereby agree to the following:

1. OMV may process the data, which you provide for a registration in the SAP Ariba database, (a) for statistical purposes, (b) in order to evaluate business opportunities, (c) for the processing of purchase orders, and (d) for auditing purposes.

2. Data Protection: Your personal data may be processed, disclosed and communicated to and between OMV / OMV Petrom and their affiliated legal entities, for the purpose defined above. For a complete list of the legal entities affiliated with OMV, please refer to You hereby agree to such data processing. However, you may at any time request deletion of your data from SAP Ariba. Such request shall be sent to OMV Aktiengesellschaft, Corporate Procurement, Trabrennstraße 6 – 8, A-1020 Wien, Austria or via email. After deletion of your data, you cease to become an OMV supplier. 

3. Nothing in this registration shall be construed as a prequalification, a promise to invite you to a tender or to conclude any contract with OMV Group or OMV Petrom Group.

4. You hereby declare that the communicated data and documents are correct and comprehensive. You shall immediately update these data and documents whenever any changes are required.

Click to confirm terms&conditions and register as supplier for OMV, (

General Conditions of Purchase of OMV Petrom Group (PDF, 107,2 KB)
OMV Category Tree (PDF, 598,6 KB)