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Never stop making plans for a better future

OMV Petrom encourages you to fall back in love with your ideas. With your future. A future in which we will invest EUR 11 bn by 2030. For a Romania worth dreaming and making plans in.

The initiatives that encourage you to plan your future

With a strong local economy, your plans are easier to accomplish. The Neptun Deep project will support Romania’s economy by bringing additional budget revenues and by boosting the development of projects in associated industries.

img_Neptun Deep Project

Make travel plans without worries. At OMV Petrom, we take steps towards expanding our network of ultra-fast charging stations for electric cars in Romania. Thus, 328 new ultra-fast charging points will be installed, contributing to the development of the local e-mobility infrastructure.

img_e-mobility charging station
© Mario Pernkopf

Furthermore, around 35% of our investments until 2030 will go into low and zero carbon projects. We will reduce the carbon emissions of our operations by around 30%. At the same time, the share of natural gas will represent 70% of our portfolio.

img_PV panels 2023

At OMV Petrom, we are dedicated to help you turn your dreams into reality. Find out more about our Strategy 2030. For a Romania worth living and making plans in.