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OMV Petrom 2030 Strategy: Transforming for a lower carbon future

On December 7, 2021,  OMV Petrom organized a conference call with analysts and investors to present its Strategy 2030. The conference was broadcasted via live webcast. You can access the replay on the following links:
OMV Petrom Strategy 2030 webcast -  presentation part
OMV Petrom Strategy 2030 webcast - Q&A session
OMV Petrom Strategy 2030 webcast - Q&A session - Transcript (PDF, 248,2 KB)

The world is changing, the energy is changing. While the regional energy demand is growing, so is the need for lower GHG emissions. For this OMV Petrom is set up to support Romania’s energy transition with investments of about EUR 11 bn by 2030. This is the largest private investment plan in the Romanian energy sector.     

OMV Petrom’s ambition is to lead the energy transition in Romania and the neighbouring region, capitalizing on emerging markets opportunities, while delivering value for all its stakeholders. The company’s vision for the future growth and transformation is underpinned by a strong capital discipline, allowing for ambitious investments and highly competitive dividend.  

OMV Petrom 2030 strategy will drive performance through three key pillars:

By 2050, OMV Petrom operations will be carbon neutral (NET ZERO IN OPERATIONS), contributing to Romania’s decarbonization targets. 

A greener and more diversified portfolio will be reached by investing in alternative mobility, renewable power generation, new technologies and biofuels. All these will pave the way to achieving Net Zero operations by 2050 and will support our customers to decarbonize.

Approximately EUR 3.7 bn will be invested to ensure cleaner energy for a better life. Based on these investments, by 2030, we expect: 

  • Photovoltaic installed capacity of over 1 GW, representing more than 10% of Romania’s estimated solar capacity; 
  • Future mobility to capture new energy mix opportunities. This will lead to more than 500 charging points with alternative fuels (e-mobility, H2 solutions, LNG & CNG);
  • New technologies such as CCS/U and hydrogen production will be implemented. 
  • Biofuels to exceed 15% on the company's total fuel production, through:
    Ethanol from straws - targeted capacity of 150 kt/year;
    Sustainable aviation fuel and biodiesel (HVO/SAF) by upgrading agricultural waste  – targeted capacity of 450 kt/year;

Natural gas is a key enabler for decarbonization. Company aims to increase the share of gas in its portfolio to 70%. In this regard, Neptun Deep is a strategic project for OMV Petrom and for Romania.

The extensive knowledge acquired in more than 40 years of operations in the Black Sea, enables the company for further growth in the region. 

The company have already gained access to explore the Black Sea region, with operations in the neighboring Bulgarian offshore (Han-Asparuh Block) and on the opposite shore of the Romanian Black Sea, in Georgia (Offshore Block II).  

The outlook for gasoline and diesel demand appears to remain strong for the next decade. Therefore, OMV Petrom will continue to modernize and further integrate current assets, ensuring security of energy supply and generating value. 
Investments in Exploration and Production will ensure modernization and automation of more than 95% of facilities and wells and will unlock additional resources. 

In Refining and Marketing, the company will build a sustainable refining business at Petrobrazi, through integration and efficiency, shifting the production towards higher value products, while ensuring refinery utilization of over 95% on average. 

The OMV and Petrom filling stations will ensure access to the mobility services of the future. As a leading provider of products and services for mobility in the region, company aims to increase customer loyalty by anticipating the needs of new generations. Receptiveness to customers’ needs will be reflected in a broader number of services offered, such as last mile delivery, pick-up point and waste to energy services.

In Gas and Power company aspires to become supplier of choice in the energy transition. Total gas sales are expected to increase to approximately 70 terawatt hours by 2030, while renewable power will lead to green power sales making up more than 20% of total power sales. 


Sustainability is fully embedded in the business strategy, by running responsible operations, innovation & digitalization and fostering people and communities and. The company supports the Paris Climate Change Agreement and contributes to UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

Please find more details in the presentations attached here below: 
OMV Petrom Strategy 2030 (PDF, 6,7 MB)
OMV Petrom Strategy 2030 - with speech (PDF, 5,3 MB)

The information herein represents the strategic directions of OMV Petrom and may be interpreted as forward looking statements subject to uncertainties, risks and regulatory changes which may cause the actual results/performance of OMV Petrom to be materially different. Under no circumstances may be deemed as representation/warranties of OMV Petrom or of its management regarding the company’s’ future results as well as a recommendation/ offer / invitation to subscribe for or purchase any securities.