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Requests for expression of interest

Whenever available, you may find below for download our current requests for expressions of interest related to specific business activities. If you would be interested to apply, please provide us your expression of interest together with the information specified in the specific request.
Should you need further information, this can be obtained from the contact person mentioned in the related request.
The companies with the best qualification and references will be selected and asked to submit offers.

Request for expressions of interest_monitoring environmental factors (PDF, 136,1 KB)

Request for expressions of interest 939_16022021 (PDF, 134,4 KB)

Request for expresion of interest RO_112 Hand tools and cutters.pdf (PDF, 212,7 KB)

Request for expressions of interest_head protection (PDF, 135,4 KB)

Request for expressions of interest silicate (PDF, 145,1 KB)

Request for expressions of interest_2581 (PDF, 26,5 KB)