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Marine fuels

OMV Petrom is your ideal partner for maritime and river transport.

On the Danube, you benefit from our modern fueling infrastructure in Romania. For your ships that cross the seas, you can find us in the port of Constanța on the Black Sea. We can also supply sea and river vessels in the ports of Brăila, Tulcea, Galați, Mangalia, Agigea and Cernavoda.

Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of your business. We help you optimize freight operations and reduce your costs, at the same time.

Maritime transport

OMV Petrom helps the companies that fuel in the Black Sea to comply with the regulations imposed by IMO2020.

Thanks to our team of experts in the field and to an investment of over 3 million euros, we managed to develop a new product, unique in Romania, to be offered to companies that perform maritime transport and fuel in the port of Constanța.

Our marine fuel oil with a sulfur content of less than 0.5% is produced entirely from Romanian crude oil.

OMV Petrom's investment aims to provide an environmentally friendly fuel in a growing market.


In recent years, OMV Petrom has developed a product dedicated to shipping called Marine Diesel. Its use brings significant benefits such as higher engine efficiency and reduced emissions. The products are delivered to the highest security standards.

Thanks to the Barge from Agigea and through some tanks, OMV Petrom can supply the ships located along the Danube. Within a maximum of 24 hours from the approval of the order, the ships are supplied with our special fuel created for the maritime ships, made of 100% Romanian crude oil.

OMV Petrom is the only fiscal warehouse in Romania that sells exclusively marine diesel.

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