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Heating Oil, CTL & LPG Products

Liquid Thermal Fuel

Liquid thermal fuel (CTL) is mainly used for heating by both domestic and industrial consumers. CTL has emerged as an improved version of the product called Light Liquid Fuel (CLU),  but with the following advantages:

  • A higher calorific value, which ensures an increased efficiency of the heating system;
  • CTL has a lower water content, which improves combustion and decreases fuel consumption;
  • Low sediment content, which prevents the burners from blocking;
  • The use of CTL leads to the creation of a lower carbon residue, which makes this product more environmentally friendly;
  • Low flow characteristic in winter, due to which CTL withstands temperatures down to minus 10 ° C;
  • The product is chemically stable, easily biodegradable, insoluble in water and non-oxidizing, does not present an explosion hazard and is not self-igniting.

    Heating Oil

    This is an oil product with a very high viscosity, resulting from the distillation of crude oil. An environmentally friendly product, fuel oil is an excellent fuel for thermal power plants, boilers and boilers, but it is also used as an ingredient in various mixtures, for the production of heavy diesel, oils or various types of asphalt.

LPG Products (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

“Top Aragaz” - product used mainly for bottling in Stove type bottles, as well as for various combustible mixtures together with Propane.

LPG Auto EN 589 (Summer / Winter) - car fuel known as Autogas, with the parameters established by the European standard EN 589.

Propane - product used in heating applications, for bottling, for mixing fuel with Butane or for use in petrochemistry.

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