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Petrom Filling Stations

With 404 filling stations in Romania, Petrom is the largest fuel distribution network in the country.

Petrom offers customers the fuel they can rely on, filling stations always on their way and a wide range of products and services: drinks and food, car wash services, CAL (RCA, Romanian motor-vehicle liability insurance policy) purchase, national money transfer, utility bills, or package and correspondence delivery.

Our partnership with Auchan Retail România: 400 MyAuchan stores will open in the entire Petrom network, in the next five years

Depending on the area of ​​the filling station, up to 2,500 products from a wide range can be found on the shelves in MyAuchan convenience stores from our stations. From food products, including fresh products, fruits and vegetables, to non-food products, such as cosmetics, detergents, baby products and car accessories. Everything listed at MyAuchan prices that are clearly advantageous for this type of trade in the filling stations.

With a single stop, saving time, our customers will have the opportunity to do their daily shopping, along with refueling.
During the arrangement of MyAuchan stores Petrom filling stations will enter an extensive modernization process.

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Petrom filling stations in the Republic of Moldova

Petrom Moldova has developed a network of 80 filling stations throughout the Republic of Moldova, thus ensuring effective national coverage.

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