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Filling stations

OMV Petrom Marketing is one of the most reliable players on the fuels market of the region. We have a significant footprint, with 793 filling stations operated under two brands, OMV and Petrom, covering Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Serbia and providing a comprehensive range of qualitative products and services. 

We position ourselves for the future by consolidating our two brands – Petrom as “value for money” leader and OMV as “ high quality” leader – while exploring strategic partnership opportunities. 

Petrom filling stations

With 403 filling stations in Romania (as of December 2019), Petrom is the largest fuel distribution network in Romania.

Petrom offers customers the fuel they can rely on, filling stations always on their way and a wide range of products and services: drinks and food, car wash services, CAL (RCA, Romanian motor-vehicle liability insurance policy) purchase, national money transfer, utility bills, or package and correspondence delivery.

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OMV filling stations

In Romania, the first OMV filling station was opened in 1999. The OMV network in Romania currently has 151 stations, which are operated by OMV Petrom, part of the Austrian OMV Group. The OMV Petrom Group also operates OMV in Bulgaria and Serbia.

The brand promise “We Care More” offers OMV MaxxMotion Performance Fuels and a wide range of additional services: VIVA coffee and gourmet products, modern car wash services, bill payment, CAL (RCA, Romanian motor-vehicle liability insurance policy), flower delivery, and national money transfer.

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