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Temporary shut down of Arpechim under best safety conditions

June 1, 2007

  • Temporary shut down plan of refinery approved
  • Shut down procedure in line with SEVESO II Directive
  • Completion of measures in action plan estimated for end July 

Petrom, the largest oil and gas producer in South Eastern Europe, announces the approval of the shut down plan of Arpechim Refinery. The plan, approved by a commission formed of representatives of the Emergency Inspectorate Arges, Regional Agency for Environment Pitesti and the Agency for Environment Protection Arges, will take into account the safety and security standards applicable for this activity.

The temporary shut down of the refinery, closely monitored by the representatives of environment authorities, is a complex process carried out as per Directive SEVESO II. The Directive SEVESO II applies for locations where dangerous substances are present in quantities enough to determine a high risk for accidents to happen. The application of this directive narrows the possibilities of accidents to occur and minimizes the impact on the population and environment. It also sets out the obligation for the activity carriers to take prevention measures based on procedures regarding planning, inspection and reporting.

The plan drafted as per Directive SEVESO comprises a series of actions that consists, as a first step, of the elaboration of a study regarding the preservation of facilities in Arpechim and petrochemicals by a specialized company, in safe conditions. After the study is received the necessary modifications will be implemented in order to preserve the facilities and the gradual shut down of the refinery will begin.

In the same time, Petrom intends to comply with the environment requirements. Following the meetings with the representatives of environmental authorities all recommendations regarding the rapid compliance were clarified. Petrom started an accelerated program to complete the necessary modifications and estimates that, at the end of July, the minimum amount of works needed for lifting of the suspension of the Integrated Environment Authorization will be finalized.

Dan Pazara, Corporate Communications Director of Petrom: „ During the next few months there will be no disruptions in the fuel supply and the feedstock for petrochemicals.”