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“Romania House” built with Petrom’s support

  • Petrom joined the biggest humanitarian construction project in Romania: Eurohabitat 2007
  • 27 houses were built in 5 days for 27 families in Radauti who need help
  • Petrom’s volunteers took part in building «Romania House »

The non-profit association, Habitat for Humanity has initiated in Radauti the biggest voluntary project in Europe. Between 1 and 9 September, 650 European volunteers are building 27 houses for the needed families. Petrom, the largest Romanian company, got involved actively in this social responsibility process.

Petrom has financially supported building “Romania House” and Petrom’s people have participated in its building process. Also, Petrom has donated, for all 27 houses, trees and shrubbery, bringing a much needed colour and beauty to the whole buildings complex. Each home build at Radauti represents, symbolically a country within the European Union – a proof of the humanity and people care for others. The houses’ inauguration will take place today, Friday, September 7, 2007.

Mona Nicolici, CSR Communication Manager: “It is a great honour for Petrom to represent Romania in the biggest voluntary project in Europe. Moreover, that this project is addresses to the Romanians who are much in need. It is a proof of responsibility and a pattern that we hope, more companies will follow. We will remain consistent and will continue the dialogue and partnership with the community.”

Petrom’s initiative to take part in the Habitat for Romania project is part of the company’s social responsibility project, “Respect for future”.

"Respect for Future" is a complex program initiated by Petrom at the beginning of 2007, through which we respond to the needs of the society and the environment.
"Respect for Future" is our principles’ concretization which are the base for the durable development. We believe that the present needs can be satisfied with respect for the future generations and for this we have chosen to treat environmental and social aspects, as part of our business conduct.