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Petrom’s "Parks of the Future" project in top 5 campaigns in the South-Eastern Europe

  • Petrom’s social responsibility campaign has gained international recognition being on the shortlist at the European Excellence Awards
  • "Parks of the Future" – a project selected out of 600 international applications
  • In Romania, the project has been awarded this year with the „Golden Award for Excellence" within the Romanian PR Award Gala and the "Best communitarian program award" in the "People for People Gala"
  • Petrom is the company with the highest investments in social projects – the "Top Corporate Award"

Bucharest, November 22, 2007 – The "Parks of he Future" project has received recognition for excellence in communication and social responsibility, by receiving two national awards and an important nominalization in an international competition.

After it has been awarded with the highest distinctions in the Romanian PR Award contest, "Golden Award for Excellence" and in the "People for People Gala", the "Parks of the Future" project is on the shortlist at the European Excellence Awards in Berlin, in the top five companies in the South-Eastern Europe.

"Parks of the Future" is receiving the appreciation of an international jury, containing 30 specialists with experience in communication at a global level. The finalist projects have been selected out of a number of more than 600 applications from all across Europe. European Excellence Awards is an international communication and public relations competition, initiated by the „Communication Director" publication.

The award received in the Romanian PR Award Gala is the proof of the efficient communication and transparence which Petrom had shown in this project, in the relations with the authorities, the media, the local community and key opinion leaders.

The "Parks of the Future" project has been appreciated in the "People for People Gala" and has won at the "Communitarian Programs’ Category", in the competition being more than 120 campaigns.

Mona Nicolici - CSR Communication Manager Petrom: "The national and international recognition which this project has received is a proof that we have kept our promise. And that, moreover than the investment, this project means communication, partnership, involvement, dialogue, transparency. Pass the years, the projects’ value will be confirmed by each generation which will benefit from this parks".

Through the "Parks of the Future" project, with an investment over E 1.5 million, Petrom has set as a goal, that by the end of 2008, five national parks will be transformed in representatives’ spaces for the future, created in the environmental protection spirit and usage of alternative energies. Three of the five parks of the future have already been built in a very short period of time, being finalized this month.

Petrom is the company that invests the most in social responsibility programs in Romania, with an investment over E 16 million only in the last three years. The Top Corporate Award has pointed Petrom as the company which has invested the biggest sum in social projects in Romania through the past year. In 2006, Petrom’s investment has been more than E 2.6 million, sum given to complex projects such as: the disasters’ prevention campaign; the parental educational campaign in the pre-school education system in Romania; support for sports’ activity for appreciated athletes; building temporary homes for the hard-hit; sustain for re-launching the performance sport; financial aid for foundation and cultural associations and support granted to modernize the Emergency Hospital in Pitesti.

Petrom CSR
"Respect for Future"
is a complex program initiated by Petrom, at the beginning of 2007, through which we respond to society’s and environment’s needs.
"Respect for Future" is the concretization of our principles, which stand at the base of durable development. We believe that the present needs can be satisfied with respect for the future generations and that is why we have chosen to treat environmental and social aspect as part of our business conduct.