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Petrom launching TOP PREMIUM 99+

  • Top Premium 99+ - the latest unleaded gas of Petrom
  • Cars perform better fueled with Top Premium 99+
  • Large distribution area and convenient price

Petrom, South Eastern Europe's largest producer of oil and gas, is entering the Romanian market with a new premium product - Top Premium 99+. Top Premium 99+ has an octane number higher than 99 and is designed to meet the requirements of any customer and its indisputable qualities aim at improving car performance: full power, maximum engine protection and low fuel consumption. The car's catalyst will be protected, as Top Premium 99+ does not contain any phosphoric compound. Top Premium 99+ complies with the Romanian and European quality standards, being developed for vehicles using unleaded gas.

"With the launch of this premium product we see the most visible outcomes of the new marketing strategies; supported by large investments in this business area, Petrom is now ready to set the quality, safety, reliability and convenience standards", declared Mr. Tamas Mayer, Executive Director responsible for Marketing.

On the Romanian market, the demand of the customers' is becoming exceedingly diverse. Petrom is set to meet this demand by broadened the range of marketed products, thus launching on the market a new type of fuel, unleaded gas Top Premium 99+.

Top Premium 99+ will be available in 236 filling stations all over Romania, in each county. The maximum price of Top Premium 99+ gas as of May 19, 2005 is 35,100 lei/litre (3.51 new lei/litre).

"Our customers will certainly enjoy their choice; Top Premium 99+ is a high quality product, with an octane number over 99 and a fair price", added Mr. Tamas Mayer.
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