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Petrom is starting the constructions at the first „Park of the Future” in Bucharest

  • “Parks of the Future” are coming to life in three of the parks in Bucharest, Pitesti and Moinesti
  • The project is part of the social responsibility program “Petrom: Respect for the future”.
  • “Lunca Florilor” in the second district in Bucharest is the first park in which the constructions have started

Bucharest, September, 20, 2007 - Petrom is starting the constructions at the parks in Bucharest, Pitesti and Moinesti. In Bucharest, the constructions are starting in the second district, in the Lunca Florilor Park. This park, with a 17.000 m² area, will benefit from the architectural and landscape improvements proposed by Ana Maria and Alexandru Crisan, two architects in Bucharest, the winners of the ideas contest which took place this summer. The company’s initiative to redesign a series of parks in Romania is part of “Respect for future” social responsibility program.

The official start for the redesign work for “Lunca Florilor” in Bucharest was given Thursday, September 20, on Bucharest’s Day in the presence of Petrom’s officials and the City Hall’s officials. Mona Nicolici, Petrom’s CSR Communications Manager and Neculai Ontanu, the Mayor in the second district, have symbolically marked the work’s beginning by digging the ground.
At the park’s redesign will work as volunteers Petrom’s employees as well as inhabitants from the area, who were willing to actively take part at this program.

Mona Nicolici, CSR Communication Manager Petrom: “We are thrilled that the entire community in Bucharest has enthusiastically welcomed our project. We are hoping that the new Expo Park will become a true city symbol but also a good they will cherish in the future”.

Neculai Ontanu, Mayor, the second district: „Petrom’s initiative is welcome at a time when the lack of green spaces is a major problem, and such a project of massively planting trees, plants redesign and the usage of alternative energy sources is essentially contributing to air refreshing which we all breathe”.

The winner concept proposes the capitalization of the “water” element, by creating a space which visually and functionally improves the park zone. The park’s emblematic element is a waterfall, along the main path in the park, with decorative fountains. In terms of alternative energy resources, the park will benefit from solar panels, in the resting areas, and also a water recycling system. The light will be diffuse therefore granting a romantic aspect, private for the night. This way the park’s illuminating process can be compensated and the necessary energy to trigger the water games will be assured.

The redesign works for the three parks in Bucharest, Pitesti and Moinesti will take place with a special care for the environment and for the local community. In the project’s execution stage, the construction company has made a commitment to have a responsible behaviour and to respect the fundamental principles for work and environment.

The “Parks of the Future” project involves an E 1.500.000 investment and it pursuits to redesign five public parks in Romania at European standards, in the environment protection spirit and usage of alternative energies. Through this project, which took place under the concept “Respect for future”, our company is getting involved in the local communities life through the arrangement by 2008, of parks in Moinesti, Pitesti, Bucharest, Târgoviste and Timisoara. SC CENTRUL GREENSHOP SRL Bucharest is the construction company that has won the biting and that will start to rehabilitate the three Parks of the Future in partnership with the City Halls in each city.

Petrom CSR
„Respect for Future”
is a complex program initiated by Petrom, at the beginning of 2007, through which we respond to society’s and environment’s needs.
„Respect for Future” is the concretization of our principles, which stand at the base of durable development. We believe that the present needs can be satisfied with respect for the future generations and that is why we have chosen to treat environmental and social aspect as part of our business conduct.