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Petrom is launching its new lubricants range Petrom motor oil

  • New lubricants optimize engine functioning
  • Petrom Motor Oil portfolio is available in all Petrom stations

Petrom, the largest oil and gas producer in South-eastern Europe, has recently introduced on the Romanian lubes market a new range of motor oils, Petrom Motor Oil. Under this brand we have a range of high quality motor oils, from single-grade or multi-grade oils that protect your engine, to hydraulic or transmission lubricants that maintain in good shape the components of industrial equipments and vehicles.

Tamas Mayer, member of the Petrom Executive Board, responsible with the marketing activity. „The Petrom Motor Oil new range of lubricants is based on a modern technology, and covers the needs of any kind of car or industrial equipment. These lubricants insure the well-being of the engine, by reducing dramatically its ageing process”.

All types of Petrom Motor Oil are currently available in all Petrom stations and will be available soon in supermarkets, dedicated shops and workshops. The new Petrom Motor Oil targets the medium segment of consumers, drivers largely involved in the life cycle of their car.

Introducing the new range of motor oil is an important objective in the marketing strategy of the company. “We are trying to offer our clients not only the best products, but also services that meet the international standards, and the Petrom Motor Oil range is no exception. Our market segment is very dynamic, and this dynamism is reflected by the Petrom filling stations network”, added Tamas Mayer.

Petrom Motor Oil range covers all the needs of cars and industrial equipments. Besides the motor oils for cars and trucks, Petrom offers lubricants for the manual and automated transmissions of vehicles and hydraulic oils as well.

The launch of the new range will be sustained by a communication campaign in print, outdoor, internet and radio. The campaign’s idea draws from the simple premise that traffic in Romania becomes more and more similar to a jungle, where the “survival of the fittest law” applies. The new motor oil from Petrom cannot control this chaotic environment, but can help you reduce the wear and tear of your car engine.