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Petrom Invests In New Information Technology

  • Modern IT Infrastructure for Petrom
  • Strong Integration of Business, Finance and IT

Petrom SA has started to substantially invest in the new information technology. The investment will cover IT infrastructure, IT applications, IT organisation and respective services to significantly improve business and finance processes of Petrom. Information technology is an essential area for Petrom to meet future business and finance requirements and consequently strengthen its market position. These investments will concern systems and also training for the employees.
"Information technology is the heart of a modern business. A company with an adaptive technology which always meets business and finance requirements is also prepared to meet tomorrow´s challenge", said Gheorghe Constantinescu, CEO of Petrom.
At the beginning of this year Petrom SA has started a far-reaching project where the current and the future state of Finance, Controlling and IT is analysed in order to assess and consolidate the existing IT systems and provide a strong integration of business, acquisitions, finance and IT.
The project team for IT consists of more than 80 team members. Involved are Petrom specialists, experts from OMV, local and international consultants from Capgemini, Ernst & Young Romania and S&T Romania.
Besides this mid - to longterm development project Petrom started already short term measures: 800 PCs with new office communication infrastructure as e-mail and internet access, and new servers will be installed in the headquarters. In addition, Petrom is currently designing a concept for the implementation of a new telecommunication strategy and a central data center. A trainingplan will be rolled out to enable Petrom employees to use new IT systems and live new processes.
"Very important for the success of Petrom is to meet the requirements of the capital market - the reporting of reliable information according to new standards in a fast way. Therefore we need a new IT infrastructure based on new finance processes," said Mr. Reinhard Pichler, CFO of Petrom.