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Petrom introduces TOP NORDIC DIESEL

  • Petrom launches a new diesel type for the cold season, Top Nordic Diesel
  • With Top Nordic Diesel the engine operates under the best conditions at temperatures of up to -29ºC

Petrom, the largest oil and gas producer in the South Eastern Europe, has introduced a new diesel type for the cold season on the Romanian fuel market, called Top Nordic Diesel. With a filterability limit temperature of -29ºC, Top Nordic Diesel guarantees best functioning for the engines.
“Top Nordic Diesel is a product of a superior quality, especially created to be used in the winter time. By using it, our customers will see that the engine works without any problems even at very low temperatures”, said Tamas Mayer, member of Petrom’s Managing Committee, responsible for marketing activity.

Due to the special additives, Top Nordic Diesel improves the functioning and performances of the engine, reduces the diesel consumption, ensures a more efficient, silent ignition and reduces the polluting emissions.

Top Nordic Diesel, the latest diesel type from Petrom, was launched at the middle of December and will be available in more than 200 filling stations, located all over the country.

The introduction of this new diesel type is an important objective in the company marketing strategy, being the second top product launched within 2005. “We make all the efforts to offer to our customers not only the best products, but also services at international standards. The segment in which we operate is very dynamic, and this dynamic feature is reflected by Petrom’s retail network”, added Tamas Mayer.

In 2005, the company has launched a new filling station concept, Petrom V, which offers a wide and new range of facilities. Until 2010, around 250 Petrom V filling stations will become operational. In addition, a new management system, Full Agency, was introduced for the filling stations, where an appointed partner is managing stations which will ensure the improvement of the services. With significant investments of Euro 500 millions up to 2010, Petrom will consolidate its leadership position and will gain a significant position in the products export (e.g. Turkey) and in the supply of new markets (e.g. Serbia, Bulgaria)

Background Information
Petrom SA

Petrom is the largest Romanian oil and gas group, with activities in the business segments of Exploration and Production, Refining and Petrochemicals, as well as Sales and Marketing. Petrom has estimated oil and gas reserves of 1 billion boe, refining capacity of 8 million metric tons and around 600 filling stations. In 2004 the sales revenue of Petrom was EUR 2,143 million, EBITDA was EUR 28 million. Since December 2004 OMV, the leading oil and gas group in Central Europe holds a 51% share in Petrom. OMV is active in Refining and Marketing, Exploration and Production, Gas as well as Chemicals in 28 countries on five continents. The Romanian state holds 40.74% of Petrom shares, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 2.03% and 6.23% are owned by minority shareholders.