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Petrom has no outstanding liabilities vis-à-vis the state budget

February 7, 2007

In connection with the erroneous information published by some newspapers following the release of the List of companies with overdue liabilities towards the state budget on the website of the National Tax Administration Agency (ANAF), Petrom would like to clarify the following:

Petrom is the largest taxpayer to the Romanian state budget, with its contribution accounting for over 10% of the Romanian state budget revenues.

The amount of RON 4.16 bn posted on the ANAF’s website does not represent outstanding liabilities towards the state budget. This is part of the sum of all company’s assumed liabilities vis-à-vis the State of Romania in 2006 and has been paid in its entirety.

Petrom applies a strict payment policy in its commercial relations with its partners and with the state budget, respectively.

The RON 46,000 amount resulted from fines applied by different controlling authorities that had already been paid by Petrom before 31 January 2007. However, the information for the website had not been updated by ANAF accordingly. At the time of publication on the ANAF website, Petrom did not have any outstanding liabilities vis-à-vis the state budget.

Petrom has forwarded to the General Directorate of Major Taxpayers’ Administration (DGAMC) a request accompanied by all documents in proof of the operated payments in order to have the website corrected accordingly.