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Petrom and the Federation of Road Transport Operators signed convention for fuel supply

  • Long term partnership with the Federation of Road Transport Operators 
  • Advantages offered to the members of the federation by the cooperation with Petrom

Petrom, the largest oil and gas producer in South-Eastern Europe and FORT (Federation of Road Transport Operators) signed a convention for the supply of fuel for the federation members for a volume of over 2,000,000 liters delivered per month. The major benefit of this convention for more than 4000 transport operators members of FORT is the reduction of fuel costs per km achieved by combining the advantages offered by the collaboration with Petrom.
The Convention stipulates the terms and conditions in which the federation members can individually sign fuel supply contracts at the same price regardless of the individual consumption by cumulating the consumption at the level of the Federation.
The immediate benefits come from the final acquisition price of the, fuel, as all FORT members benefit from the same discount applied at the pump price, regardless of the individual consumption, as well as of the fuel consumption crediting. Another important advantage is the control of fuel cost by monitoring and administering the fleet in real time, by using PetromCard Online service. The use of Petrom cards offers the transport operators from the Federation access to the largest distribution network in Romania and the guarantee of quality fuels.
Runtag Tivadar, Commercial Director Petrom: “This convention signed today with FORT represents the beginning of a partnership we would like to exist for the long term and beneficial to both parties. It is a big responsibility to receive in our clients portfolio over 4000 companies, to have the necessary logistics and human resources to offer them the best products and services.”
Augustin Hagiu, FORT President: “Petrom is the largest company in its field and we have selected them as partners so that the federation members can benefit from the best products and services needed for the development of their business. The benefits are numerous: costs decrease and stabilization at the transport companies level, decrease in unlawful competition factors, encouragement of unifying the market, increase of trust level towards the employers associations and towards Petrom as supplier that contributes to the development of a profitable business”.

The Federation of Road Transport Operators (FORT) is presently constituted of 6 regional associations and 18 county level affiliates (their number is increasing due to the ones being currently established) consisting of over 4000 active transport companies. The Federation is representative at the level of transports branch and has representatives in third party dialogue, is represented in Bruxelles as well as in connections with over 25 employers associations all over Europe.