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OMV Petrom renews its partnership with the Gheorghe Hagi Academy and supports its activity with EUR 2.4 million over the next three years

  • The sponsorship will be used to train 400 children and to develop the Academy’s infrastructure
  • OMV Petrom is the main sponsor since 2020, which allowed the Academy to invest in the training base and increase the number of children enrolled

OMV Petrom, the largest integrated energy company in Southeast Europe, renews, for the next three years, its partnership with the Gheorghe Hagi Academy (AGH). The contribution of EUR 2.4 million will be used to select, train and promote 400 young footballers to further develop the sport in Romania. The Academy will also develop several sustainability projects, including the purchase and installation of photovoltaic panels, LED lighting, tree planting around the base and carbon reduction studies and activities.

Christina Verchere, CEO of OMV Petrom: "Education is among the most important areas in which we contribute to the development of society. We support the growth of a new, healthier, high-performing generation and help promote core values such as self-confidence, fair play, teamwork and continuous improvement. These are values we share with the Gheorghe Hagi Academy, where we are also pleased to see an increased commitment to sustainability and to building the girls team."

Gheorghe Hagi, founder of AGH: "OMV Petrom has become a long-term partner who understands that performance in sport is built over time, with patience, passion and adequate resources. With the company's help, we can continue to offer children the best performance facilities at one of the most important Academies in Central and Eastern Europe, dedicated to training and preparing future successful international footballers. We thank them for supporting sports performance”.

The Gheorghe Hagi Academy will provide access to seven training fields and one field for official games and will continue to develop the sports base with the construction of a new training field with heated balloons for winter training.

The Academy was established in 2009 and is the most important source of valuable young players in Romania, providing top facilities that create the ideal context for training children and juniors to perform at the highest level. It is aimed at children from the age of 7-9, who are selected nationally and who are trained using the best international practices in terms of motivation, nutrition, training conditions, etc. AGH was declared the best football academy in Romania by the Romanian Football Federation.

OMV Petrom is the main sponsor of the Academy since 2020, supporting the increase in the number of registered children to approx. 300 from around 120, the establishment of women's football teams, the purchase of sports and medical equipment and the construction of a new synthetic training field.