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OMV Petrom expands filling stations network in Romania

The Competition Council authorized the takeover by OMV Petrom of Art Petrol filling stations in Romania.

  • The filling stations are located in high potential areas, where the company did not have a presence

The Competition Council authorized the transaction by which OMV Petrom Marketing takes over the filling stations network in Romania owned by Art Petrol SRL. Following this transaction, OMV Petrom will expand its network with four units, reaching a footprint of 558 stations in Romania. The parties agreed not to disclose the value of the transaction.

Following this acquisition, OMV Petrom expands its presence in areas with high commercial potential. Two of the stations are located on the ring road of Bucharest between Otopeni and Mogoșoaia, on each direction and will be operated under the OMV brand. The third is on European Road 574 (Pitești-Craiova), in Albota, at the exit from Pitești and will be operated under the Petrom brand. The fourth is at the exit from Giurgiu, towards Bucharest and will become an LPG Petrom station. Also, another Art Petrol station in Alexandria will be rebranded as OMV.

“The strategy of OMV Petrom in terms of distribution network aims to optimize the footprint and expand our presence in areas with growth potential, such as new rapidly developing residential areas, new ring roads and highways. At the same time we focus on the quality of the products and services we offer, in order to provide the best answer to customers' needs and behaviours”, said Daniel Ion, OMV Petrom retail manager.

Through this transaction, OMV Petrom took over the entire Art Petrol network, which included eight filling stations. In order to prevent competition concerns related to this economic concentration, OMV Petrom has voluntarily assumed that three of the eight stations will be sold, along with a station in the existing portfolio, in the next period to buyers who have the necessary capabilities for operating filling stations.