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OMV Petrom diversifies the services offered in its filling stations

  • A new business model will facilitate the customers’ access to food, pharmaceutical or insurance services
  • The first Subway restaurant was already opened in a Petrom filling station under the new model

OMV Petrom, the largest oil and gas producer in Southeastern Europe, began the implementation of a new business model in Petrom filling station network that targets the diversification of the products and services available for our customers.

"It is for the first time in Romania, but this model is validated internationally. We consider the opening, in our filling stations, of restaurants, pharmacies, auto repair shops or service points where insurance policies can be purchased. These will operate in spaces rented out to OMV Petrom partners. We believe there is a trend to increase the share of additional services in filling stations. This answers the need of the modern and very active customer to have access to a wide range of services and products from a single point of contact", said Adrian Nicolaescu, Senior Head of Retail at OMV Petrom.

Thus, the first restaurant operated by an international brand that functions in a filling station was opened. We are talking about Subway restaurant, inaugurated at the end of last week, in Petrom Vestem filling station, at the entrance in Sibiu city.

"We are delighted to open the first Subway Drive Thru in Romania, together with OMV Petrom. This will also be the first Subway restaurant in Romania to use a new and modern decoration concept – Metropolitan Decor. The restaurant will be open 24/7, just like the Petrom filling station", said Andrei Trifan, Subway development agent.

Founded in 1965, the Subway network currently counts over 42,000 restaurants worldwide, being the world’s largest food chain. The first Subway restaurant was opened in Romania in 2012 and currently the network totals 20 units.

OMV Petrom is considering both the extension of the partnership with Subway, as well as other similar partnerships, where there is potential for such business, and also finding partners on new retail segments (pharma, auto, insurance, etc.).

In Romania OMV Petrom currently manages a network of 545 filling stations, 392 under Petrom brand and 153 under OMV brand.

OMV, Austria’s largest listed industrial company, holds a 51.01% share in OMV Petrom. The Romanian state, via the Ministry of Economy, holds 20.64% of OMV Petrom shares, the Property Fund holds 18.99% and 9.36% is free float on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.
In the last nine years investments for the consolidation and modernization of OMV Petrom amounted to EUR 10 bn. The annual direct, indirect and induced impact of OMV Petrom in Romania’s GDP is around 5%.

Starting 2007, OMV Petrom integrated it its business strategy the principles of corporate responsibility. In this period, the company allocated more than EUR 40 mn for the development of communities in Romania, focusing on environment protection, education, health and local development. Andrei’s School is the main platform for community involvement.

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