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Electrica and OMV Petrom launch the first fast charging station for electric vehicles in a filling station network

  • Pilot project: fast charging stations for electric vehicles to be installed in four OMV filling stations in Bucharest and at the headquarters of OMV Petrom and Electrica

Electrica, leader on the distribution and supply market of electricity in Romania and OMV Petrom, the largest oil and gas producer in SEE, launched the first fast charging station for electric vehicles in an OMV filling station. The event is part of a pilot project according to which fast chargers for electric cars will be installed in Bucharest in four OMV brand petrol stations, as well as at the headquarters of OMV Petrom (Petrom City) and Electrica.

"In Romania, there have been taken small steps in the electro-mobility field, so far. This is why we, Electrica and OMV Petrom, are putting our joint efforts to support the development of the fast charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, because we care about the environment and the sustainable development of Romania. It is the beginning of a new era of what Electrica names ‘The Green Highway’ of Romania", says Catalin Stancu, CEO Electrica.

"Trends and transformations in the energy and mobility fields are topics which we are closely following. Although electric cars’ market is in an early development stage for now and hydrocarbons will continue to be the main energy source worldwide for the next decade, we wish to adopt new technologies to sustain our ongoing development of the range of products and services that we offer, continuing thus to offer top quality services and experiences to our customers", says Adrian Nicolaescu, Head of Retail OMV Petrom.

In each of the four OMV petrol stations in Bucharest, as well as at the headquarters of Electrica and OMV Petrom, fast charging sockets will be installed for electric vehicles, with a 50 kWh maximum charging capacity.

By using these fast charging plugs, the battery of a 100% electric car can be charged by 80% in just around 20 minutes, compared to the 7-8 hours needed through a regular socket.

As per the Association of Cars Producers and Importers, the number of electric and hybrid cars sold in Romania doubled in 2015, to 495, versus 236, in 2014.

Electrica S.A. is the leading player on the Romanian electricity distribution and supply market, and one of the major players in the energy services sector. The company’s top position is backed up by its economic results, as well as by its 120 years experience in the market. Electrica S.A. has national coverage, with geographical coverage for the three subsidiaries in the distribution segment in the Northern Transylvania, Southern Transylvania and Northern Muntenia areas, while covering the entire country for the supply segment, as well as for the maintenance and energy services.

About OMV Petrom
OMV Petrom is the largest integrated oil and gas group in Southeastern Europe, with an annual oil and gas production of approximately 65 mn boe in 2015. The Group has a refining capacity of 4.5 mn tons / year and operates an 860 MW high efficiency power plant and a 45 MW wind park. The group is present on the oil products retail markets in Romania and neighboring countries through 786 filling stations, as at 30 September 2016, under two brands – Petrom and OMV.

OMV, one of Austria's largest listed industrial companies, holds a 51.01% stake in OMV Petrom. The Romanian state, via the Ministry of Energy, holds 20.64% of OMV Petrom shares, Fondul Proprietatea holds 12.57%, and 15.79% is free float on the Bucharest Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange.

Starting 2007, OMV Petrom has integrated the principles of corporate responsibility into its business strategy. In this period, the company has allocated more than EUR 40 mn for the development of communities in Romania, focusing on environmental protection, education, health and local development.

Contact Electrica: Tel: +40(21) 2085567; e-mail:;