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100 PETROMV filling station in Romania

  • Petrom built 100 filling stations under PETROMV concept in less than three years
  • The network of PETROMV filling stations goes all over Romania
  • New facilities for PETROMV customers

Petrom, the largest oil and gas producer in South Eastern Europe, built 100 PETROMV stations in Romania. The concept has been introduced in 2005 when the first station of this kind was opened in Bucharest, on Bd. Maniu. Tamas Mayer, member of Petrom Executive Board, responsible for Marketing: “ The PETROMV concept was born out of the wish to offer the customers a premium brand. The PETROMV concept represented the alignment to the OMV quality standards and provided the customers with products and services at international level.”

In the PETROMV stations, there are VIVA stores, restaurants and leisure areas such as playground and the customers are offered full services such as filling of car tanks, checking wheel pressure and cleaning car windows. The new concept brought in major changes in the network in Romania in terms of additional services and facilities and established new quality, safety, reliability and convenience standards.

In order to achieve its objective of opening 250 PETROMV stations until 2010, Petrom committed to a substantial investment program for the marketing segment and plans to increase the efficiency of operations and personnel to offer quality services in a modern environment. Until 2010, Petrom will invest approximately EUR 500 mn in marketing activities.

“The retail segment is a very dynamic one and the tendency is to increase as much as possible the diversity of services offered by the filling stations. In this context, we will continue to invest in quality products and services. Our customers will benefit from facilities which will enable them to pay their utilities bills in PETROMV stations, make money transfers or even play the lottery” added Mayer.