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Are you looking for a great place to work?

Welcome to  OMV Group - a place to learn, grow, connect and collaborate.

We offer learning and development programs that support our employees to perform for today, learn for tomorrow and create the energy for a better life.

Our goal is to provide an environment where you can develop professionally and fulfil your personal aspirations in line with our business needs. We encourage you to actively drive your own career and to shape your professional development. In return, we help you navigate the OMV Group career paths, build development plans and unlock your potential.

Career Paths

Whichever function you work in, you’ll find a career path - designed to help you explore the experiences and skills needed, at different career levels. The career paths help you have effective development planning conversations, define concrete development needs and activities, and align your professional ambitions with our organizational needs.

Our Development Approach is based on 70:20:10
We believe people learn through experience, from colleagues and formal training.

70%: Learning on the job 20%: Learning from others 10%: Learning from training
We encourage people to take on new responsibilities, work across different functions, become involved in both change and new projects, as well as complete international assignments. We have formal programs that are part of our succession planning and leadership development where mentors and internal subject matter experts have a key role in helping others grow. Whether you are building technical knowledge, understanding your legal duties, developing your personal impact or growing as a leader - there is a course to support you.

OMV Group has four competence areas and we offer learning and development across all of them. The courses are linked to your individual development plan and help you to achieve your career ambitions.